I have a 10 month old that has gotten very good at walking, but slips and slides all over the kitchen. Not a good thing when you child is already tired before bed. So, I simply purchased some puffy paint and began the quick and easy task of adding dots of puffy paint to the bottom of her footie pajamas. It works great! No more slipping and sliding in the kitchen. The puffy paint does very well as far as longevity, we wash and try the pajamas as usual and have yet to have any problems.

Step 1: Getting Started

What you will need: Puffy Paint and footed pajamas and something to stuff into the feet while the paint is applied and dries. I purchased this puffy paint kit at Joe-Ann Fabrics for under 10 bucks. Next I stuffed an empty baby food jar into each foot so that it would keep its shape. You can use news paper or anything else for that matter. I just happen to have two baby food jars sitting around.
<p>are these washable?</p>
So sorry I missed this comment. Yes we did laundry as usual with no trouble. if te puffy paint ever came off you could simply re apply. I never had to though.
<p>This makes too much sense not to do! Thankyou! I wanted to make footies for my pajama project but was worried about them being too slippery, this will work wonderfully!</p>
<p>Sent this link to my daughter-in-law after receiving this message, &quot;G.is having a heckuva time maneuvering <br>around this morning in his footie fox pajamas. Let me see if he gets a <br>handle on it, or if it's just going to be too slippery.&quot; Mailing her a small bottle of Puffy Paint ($.97) today.</p>
So glad to hear that the instructable may come in handy. Thanks, You are the first person to ever leave me a comment. I hope this simple trick helps out as much for your grand baby as it did for my children.

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