Non-slip IPod/phone Stand





Introduction: Non-slip IPod/phone Stand

A fairly inoffensive-looking stand for your gadgets from less than $5 of materials. Yes, my phone looks weird. But it is seated gracefully and stoutly on the finest of space-age materials. Read on.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

As you can see, the stand is very simple, and is made of just two items.

Purchase the following:

  • Metal bookend
These are found at homeware and dollar stores.

  • Non-slip mat
These are usually at automotive stores, although mine came from a Japanese store.

Step 2: The Ugly Side

Wrap the non-slip mat around the top of the bookend and tape it securely in place.

You can reposition the mat many times -- the tape peels off easily, even after being in place for months (in hot climates YMMV).

If your phone or gadget is large or heavy, you may want to tape some thick card across the center as reinforcement.

Step 3: Bend It. No, Bend It More.

Bend the upright part of the bookend back. Even further. Yes, keep going. Now see how it springs back? Do it again. Don't worry, it won't break.

As you can see in the picture, mine is about 60 degrees from horizontal.

Step 4: Done!

Put your gadgets on it!

Marvel at their seeming adhesion!

Laugh in the face of gravity!

Try not to stare at where the keypad broke off my phone!



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Hey, thanks! Gives me a good idea for making a stand for my Creative Zen, which I intend to convert it into a photo viewer.

waste of an awesome mp3 player

It's the 2nd generation, big and bulky. Not so convenient to bring around as compared to the newer version, which are lighter and slimmer. Anyway, better than collecting dust on the shelf or be forever hidden in the drawers. Play good music while viewing photos =)

it's still better than an ipod

Would you care to explain to us why Creative Zen is better than iPod? Have you ever even seen one? :)

Great! Thanks to gravity once again. You could use spray-glue to attach the non-slip material to the bookend.

nice idea, i will try

i think your phone is awesome.

Clever engineering, and entertaining presentation. Thank you. I might just make me a couple of those. I have the necessary parts laying around in various places around here. Now the hard job -- I gotta find 'em.

Thats Perfect. I had been using a business card holder. lol. Ill be making me two of these today. One for work, one for home.