I'll start by saying that this Instructable took a huge left turn early on.  I was originally going to show you how to seal and cover that unused basement window your wife has been nagging you about.  But this morning I made a grizzly discovery that shifted my focus.

As I was leaving the house to go toward the garage I immediately stepped in something squishy on the back steps.  When I looked down I saw garbage strewn about the patio and two shredded plastic bags.  My stomach sank.  This couldn't be happening.  As I continued to survey the area I discovered it...the calling card.  The Claw had struck my back yard.  As you know, The Claw is an evil...nay, evil is not a strong enough word...a WICKED mutant racoon creature that pillages trash and recycling bins in search of food to fuel his empire.  I could not believe that he was in our neighborhood, especially after my recent introduction of three Superhero Gnomes: https://www.instructables.com/id/Superhero-Garden-Gnome-Mod/ 

But alas, The Claw is incredibly powerful and my miniature heros are no match.  I decided I needed to summon more heroes & form a Legion of Extraordinary Gnomes (L.E.G.S.). I needed to build the L.E.G.S. headquarters in my own backyard.

This Instructable will give you the skills to build your own superhero gnome hideout.  In my case, I am building The Nook of Justice in an unused basement window.  However, you can use these basic steps to build a secret gnome bunker any way you like: in a tree stump, a pile of rocks, or near a pond.

Step 1: Supplies

The Nook of Justice is simply a wood façade and door with a bunch of little details to make it cool.  To create the Nook of Justice you will need:
  • Lumber: you can use fence pickets that are pressure treated.  They are 6" long, 5.5 inches wide and about half inch thick. And they're cheap about $1 each.
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Square
  • Nails (whatever you have laying around)
  • Deck screws (to mount the finished nook)
  • Some assorted knobs and little junk.  I keep miscellaneous bits and pieces that I have left over from other projects in small boxes.  You never know when you'll need this stuff.  Search your junk drawer to see what you have available. Otherwise, take a knob off your bathroom vanity.
  • You might need Sculpey if you decide to get fancy.
    • If you're a fancy pants you'll probably need...
      • construction adhesive.
      • acrylic paints and brushes
      • clear enamel spray paint
I have loved gnomes since I was a little girl. One of my aunts gave me a very detailed book about gnomes. It never mentioned anything about L.E.G.S. that I can remember. Seriously though, this is utterly BRILLIANT!! Fantastic Instructable, wonderfully amusing, and simply clever. Thank you very much.
<p>I am laughing so hard. this is great.</p>
Well done instructable.<br>I'm especially fond of gnomes and gnome projects. <br>I can tell by your project you give due respect to gnomes but, I might ask that in the future you refrain from commentary that borders on a gnomist attitude.<br>Gnomes as a gag gift just seems out of place in an instructable on &quot;the Nook of Justice&quot;.<br>Well done instructable!
gnomist ???????????????????????????
this is really sweet. this reminds me of a project that my dad made out of a old stump. He cut out the middle of the stump a little more and put a door on it with a window, kind of like yours and put one of those LED yard lamps inside the hut. He also made it to so when you opened up the door on the little stump hut, the light would shut off and then when you closed the door the light would turn on. its pretty cool looking.
So, has &quot;The Claw&quot; been stopped by the L.E.G.S.? : )
Time will tell
Oh, me, oh, my....

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