We found Nora in February 2007.

I did this for her because she loved to spend a few hours outside with our other dogs.

Step 1: Nora's Jacket

Because it was winter, I made her a jacket from the sleeve of a sweater.

Step 2: Nora's House

I built a little house out of a cardboard box, egg cartons and plastic wrap.

Step 3: Nora's House 2014

Today I made another one to show you how I built the first one.

Step 4: Nora 12/8/2014

Here's Nora seven years later.

<p>Much cute, doge! Woof woof</p>
<p>sweet doggy! I can't resistum.</p>
<p>The same happened to me :)</p>
<p>Your pup was very cute ten and very cute today :)</p>
<p>I showed your comment, and she thanks you :)</p>

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