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Introduction: Nori Caps

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Nori caps is a packaging concept that fits into the idea of sustainable development. This green solution is to be able to use a biodegradable container in the field of food industry.

This is a first concept that is yet to be developed. The idea is to use nori seaweed which is usually used in Japanese culinary art to make maki sushi.

Step 1: Do the Caps by Yourself!

Take leaves of nori seaweed.

Choose a mold with rounded lines (2 half molds).

Moisten the seaweed leaves and place them in the mold, taking care to model them delicately on the support.

Once the leaves have dried, fill the contents inside (rice for example) and then close the half shells one against the other by moistening the edges so that they adhere together.

Let dry and store it.

When using, put the capsule directly into the hot water to cook (if you filled the caps with rice).



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    Thank you!

    If you have time to advance the concept hold me

    how long have you kept food stored in this way? Can you save food for a month or more? I assume that you can only store dry food products. Does it prevent things like cereals from getting stale? This idea is very interesting. How sturdy are these pods? So many questions.

    1 reply

    Yes I tried only dry food...

    I think you can save food for few months. I have to try it.

    My first prototype is not yet sturdy. However enough to be stored (with care) :-)