Nori Crisps. This Is Easy and Unique!




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Introduction: Nori Crisps. This Is Easy and Unique!

This is so easy and really good for you.  It has antioxidants and a very unique taste!  I made these for (vegan) company but could not stop eating them and need to run out for more Nori.

Step 1: 2 Nori Sheets

Spread Wasabi on two sheets of Nori. (Sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds-optional) and place them on top of one another, then fold in half for extra crisp.

Spray tinfoil to prevent sticking and the top of Nori to make the Sesame Seeds stick.
Cut into bite size strips. 

Step 2: Toast

250 for 12 minutes.  DONE!



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    I don't think my oven goes to 250 C.

    F :) Enjoy!! I also noticed that if I do not eat my Nori in a timely manner, this will crisp it right up!

    I've had some nori crisps brushed with sesame oil - that was pretty good too. Like the wasabi and seed additions!

    Looks like a nice tasty snack, bonus it's healthy too.

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