Picture of Halloween Skull!
For the first image, this is the final shot of my edit! It is a facepaint art image of me a while back, at the International Face And Body Art Convention. The only editor I've used is the Pixlr-o-matic. 

Step 1: Step one, effect: Jean.

Picture of Step one, effect: Jean.
To begin my edit, I first started with the effect Jean on my picture. 

Step 2: Step two! Effect: Scratches

Picture of Step two! Effect: Scratches
Right after I applied the effect jean, I then went and added the effect: scratches!

Step 3: Step three! Effect: Sand

Picture of Step three! Effect: Sand
I after going through every single theme there was on pixlr-o-matic, I decided that the effect "Sand" was the absolute best! So here is step 3. 

Step 4: And last of all!

Picture of And last of all!
contest picture.jpg
I give you, the before and after! Hope you enjoyed this editing experience. :) A big huge thanks to Facepaint artist Mark Reed for doing this fantastic Halloween design!