Picture of North Pole Christmas Decoration
How to build a north pole for your outdoor Christmas decorations. It's over seven feet tall and was very inexpensive to make.

Step 1: Materials

To build one of these for yourself you will need;

1 - 7' PVC pipe 4" diameter
1 - Roll painters tape
1 - Can red spray paint
1 - Can green
1 - Can black
1 - 4' x 1/2" rebar
2 - Wood blocks to fits inside pcv(I used landscape timbers)
1 - handful of small screws
2 - small brackets 1/2
1 - 18' Red rope light with clips
1 - 18' White rope light with clips
1 - 4" globe light with extension cord
1 - 3 way plug connector
1 - coroboard sign (recycled from elections)

What type of bracket did you use? I didn't understand how you had the brackets set up as well.
Stryker (author)  boudreau-inventor24 years ago
They are just U shaped brackets to slide the rebar through. Kind of like this but metal and smaller


Da_Fudge6 years ago
Sweet! Might have to try this!
Stryker (author)  Da_Fudge6 years ago
Thanks. Send me a pic if you do.