Picture of Northern Lights Papercraft
I had some colour changing LEDs lying around and I wanted to incorporate them into papercraft. I was trying to think of a scene I could make and my mind just kept coming back to this idea. Sure the Northern Lights may be an odd choice for papercraft, as it is not easily rendered onto paper, but I thought I would give it a try.

The colour changing LED projects against a white cut out of the Aurora against a black background.  There are small holes in the background with a white LED in behind to give the appearance of stars.  When I was looking at images of the Aurora Borealis on Google a lot of them had trees in the foreground so I added some silhouettes of trees to make it look more authentic.

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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
  • White and black card stock
  • Template.pdf (see below)
  • One White and one RGB colour changing LEDs
  • 3V button cell
  • Wire, conductive thread or conductive paint
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Glue
  • Tape

Step 2: Cut out and fold

Picture of Cut out and fold
  • Print out the template on heavy paper or card stock
  • Cut out each of the pieces
  • For the piece with the trees, trace the template on black card stock and cut out
  • Valley fold on the doted lines

Step 3: Prepare night sky

Picture of Prepare night sky
  • Find something sharp and poke randomly spaced holes into the black background.
  • Bend the legs of your LEDs at the base.
  • Poke the legs of the colour changing LED through the black background.  It should be in the centre bottom with the light aimed slightly towards the back.

Step 4: Add the Aurora

Picture of Add the Aurora
  • Using a glue stick, glue the bottom of the Aurora to the back of the treeline (the LED should be behind it).
  • Glue the top of the Aurora to the background.
poofrabbit3 years ago
Congratulations on being one of the winners in Scoochmaroo Papercraft Challenge!!
ChrysN (author)  poofrabbit3 years ago
bagnitsch3 years ago
Wonderful! This would look pretty large scale too.
wow this is awesome very useful for future art projects at school
canucksgirl3 years ago
That is so pretty! I love it. (Rated accordingly). ;-)
ChrysN (author)  canucksgirl3 years ago
poofrabbit3 years ago
I like this a lot! Well done!