Crochet and felt these super cute and cozy Norwegian house slippers using feltable wool yarn!

Detailed instructions: http://mommyknows.com/easy-norwegian-house-slippers-the-crochetted-version-by-mommyknows/

Step 1: Materials & Instructions

Detailed instructions: http://mommyknows.com/easy-norwegian-house-slippers-the-crochetted-version-by-mommyknows/

My materials:

3 colours of wool yarn (suitable for felting) (4 weight, I think)

1 crochet needle (mine is a size 5 from Lizzy’s Klutz kit)

I did the whole pattern in single crochet.


When you are knitting, you are supposed to knit one long ‘L’ shape, 6 squares long and 3 squares across. I wasn’t quite sure how to do this crocheting, so I decided to crochet two pieces and stitch them together.

If Blue = 1, Green = 2, and Cream = 3, then the pattern for the slippers is:

Pattern for 5 square piece is: 1 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 2
Pattern for 3 piece square is: 1 – 3 – 1

Folding –>  Detailed instructions: http://mommyknows.com/easy-norwegian-house-slippers-the-crochetted-version-by-mommyknows/

Step 2: Felting

Once you have sewn up your slippers, you'll need to felt them.

Detailed instructions: http://mommyknows.com/easy-norwegian-house-slippers-the-crochetted-version-by-mommyknows/

Felting is really just the washing and shrinking of your knit (crochet) item. So just pop these in a hot wash with detergent and shrink away. If they’re not felted or small enough keep washing them. I washed this pair once on regular cycle with jeans and then again on a sanitary cycle with towels.

<p>I love these! You have to use 100% wool yarn or they won't felt properly. I make and sell Joe's Toes slipper soles they're great for projects like this if you want a rubber or suede sole or an extra layer of ready made felt - I cut them to shape and punch all the holes ready for stitching. joestoes.co.uk </p>
<p>I recycle awsum sweaters from the thrift store- you can unravel the sweater and re-knit or re-crochet it, or just cut and sew the sweater into whatever, then felt it... look in any dept- men's, women's, kids, or even blankets!</p>
Before I made my Instructables, I hadn't seen yours (I found it searching for a pattern for felted items.....not really slippers) I hope you don't mind that I made them too (I did give you credit) <br> <br>I have to say I LOVE your directions, I may have to try again to learn how to knit, or figure out how to convert other knitted patterns into crocheting. <br> <br>I'm now looking for more wool yarn (cheap) to make slippers for my daighter, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. <br> <br>GREAT job
Measurements and/or gauge would be extremely helpful
I love these! Thanks for sharing!
These are fantastic for many reasons. They actually look like something I would put on my feet and the offset triangles is very crafty. The cuffs and the felting give them more unique quality too. I'm bookmarking this one. Thanks
<p>The instructions are a bit vague.&nbsp; I&nbsp;found better info from the original artical.&nbsp; They are cute slippers though.</p>
Thank you!<br />
Cute!!!&nbsp;I&nbsp;want some! Great job!

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