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Introduction: Norwegian Sweaters X 4

My brother and his family love faire-isle sweaters, but are violently allergic to wool and don't like silk. After my sister-in-law fell in love with the Dale of Norway pattern for the Norwegian Ski Team Sapporo 2007, I spent over 6 months looking for the perfect substitute yarn. The women's sweaters are in a lighter gauge than the men's sweaters! So, not only did I have to find non-wool and non-silk substitute yarns, but also it couldn't be in baby colors, and there had to be two weights in the same color ways. Finally, I found the Sirdar Snuggly yarns in the double knitting weight for the men, and the 4-ply weight for the women. This yarn is perfect for this family-on-the-run, as it is full acrylic: it can be machine washed and dried! With my niece and nephew both playing serious level team hockey, the whole family will be warm watching all the games in the ice arenas.

My sister-in-law's sweater was started in late September, and my niece's was begun mid October. I just finished my nephew's sweater, and will be casting on my brother's sweater soon. His will be mostly tan with accents from the colors on the rest of the sweaters. Considering that the entire sweater is knit using US 2 and US 3 needles, I feel that I am completing them quite speedily.

When I was weaving in all the ends, I decided I didn't like one of the rows of color work on my nephew's sweater. I changed it by pulling out one stitch at a time and used the duplicate stitch method to replace it with the lighter tan. While still light against the gray, I like the new color much better.



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    Absolutely beautiful work and you've only been knitting for 4 years! I wish I were a family member. ;o)

    Kiesterl says; Thank you so much. I have'nt knitted in wool since I was very young,but last year( my grandson a snowboarder)I desided to make him a faire-isle hat of wool for his christmas present;I broke out in a rash so bad it required a doctor visit. Something that never bothered me when I was young now has a very bad effect on me. You have helped me with another yarn choice,thank you so much.Some times when we want to make a gift we forget to find out if a person has an allergy. You have put so much work into this to sweater your love for your family shine it every stitch.

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    You are very welcome, and thank you for your kind comments. There are many who would like to try color-work, but for one reason or another, don't want to use wool (hint, hint Lion Brand!?!). I will say that wool is a bit more forgiving on uneven tension, but acrylic yarn is better than most cotton yarns (it can stretch horribly). Another possibility would be to knit with medical grade gloves? I know it kind of defeats the whole yarn-experience thing, but if your recipient really wants wool or a wool blend....?

    I learned to knit when I was very young, but my interest couldnt hold it, so ten+ years later I am starting again and so far I've only made a hat, but using size 35 needles. I dont have the patience to use sizes 2 or 3! Heck, I have trouble attempting a scarf with size 9. ;-) Beautiful work; Its hard to believe it wasnt made in a factory. I really hope I can do that one day! They look flawless, you do such good work!!!

    Very nice they look absolutely perfect. I have only been knitting less than 2 yrs so I would like to try my hand at fair isle but I must admit, it looks intimidating.

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    I just learned to knit in Sept of 2003. You just need someone to encourage you and help you through any difficult spots! There is a Lion Brand pattern for a Cardigan that is not as complicated a pattern that you might want to try first. If you want to start with something smaller, try a washcloth with the pattern centered in it.

    thanks I will check that out.

    The sweaters are beautiful, but the extra work you put into the yarn selection is impressive. Hand-changing the color of yarn at the end is true devotion, and insane attention to detail!
    I think you're my new hero.

    These sweaters are truly beautiful. Fair Isle patterns are gorgeous, but I've never really given them a try as I get in such a muddle with all the different yarns and having to follow a chart (my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be!) I really admire those who can "do" these.

    These are truly works of art. I'm about to try faire-isle knitting, but I think I'll start simple...

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    Go for it! You can start small, like with a pot holder, but will quickly become addicted. Find a pattern you like and put the center of it into a tube twice the size you'd like your finished pot holder to be. When done, sew up the two open ends, leaving one corner with the hanging loop, and viola! Your first faire-isle project to be proudly displayed and used!

    Awesome! Smart idea labeling the images too! Awesome sweater!