This is a simple nougat-style candy flavored to transform it into a muggle version of Nosebleed Nougat from Harry Potter fame.  In its magic fictional form, this candy is double-sided with the red side intended to cause nosebleeds and the other side halting them.  In this version, the red side delivers a blood-inspired flavor rather than a bloody nose.  It starts out tart and gets salty while delivering a hint of umami.  Opposite the red side is a nice vanilla banana flavor that's a pleasant counterpoint to the sensations created by the red.

Stock your very own Skiving Snackbox using these, some delightfully nauseating Puking Pastilles, and heat-inducing Fever Fudge.

Step 1: Supplies

1 jar marshmallow creme (7oz.)
powdered sugar
1 teas soy sauce (balsalmic vinegar makes a nice substitution here)
1 package unsweetened strawberry flavored drink mix (Kool-Aid or similar)
1 teas salt
red gel, paste, or powdered food coloring (optional)
1/2 teas vanilla extract
1`/2 teas banana extract
1/4 cup finely chopped nuts (variety of nuts is up to you)
Oil (spray preferred)
Thank you for doing these candies. I plan on having kids over on the break and we are doing a Harry Potter cooking day. Everyone is very excited including me! Keep up the great instructables!
Thank you! <br>I am doing Fainting Fancies this week to complete the quartet for Skiving Snackboxes.
Um im having a bit of trouble. I've followed the directions as closely as i could, but my red side is somewhat runny and spreads every time i attempt to put it on the foil.
<p>Try adding more powdered sugar. Add as much as you need to get the consistency correct.</p>
<p>can you substitute the marshmallow creme for anything?</p>
The don't give you nosebleed... Right?
I have an odd fact: Ron Weasleys patronus charm is a jack Russell terrier which has been known to chase otters, incedently, Hermione grangers patronus charm is an otter! LOL
What you could do is add wasabi for a short nose-rush feeling that would feel similar to a nosebleed but only last a couple of seconds.
Howd you come up with that?
I suffer anemia, and have to drink liquid Iron supplements daily, I can't stand them by themselves, and they ruin any juice you mix them with. <br /> <br />So I used this recipe, but substituted the Soy sauce for the iron supplement. It really tastes like blood, and the saltyness really makes it palatable, and the banana/vanilla is strong enough to remove the taste. <br /> <br />I'd actually be included to add iron to this recipe when making it for fun, It would be a real surprise to anyone game enough to try it.
<p>I should do this with my iron supplements! Maybe I'd actually take them...</p>
do these actually nose bleed?
<p>I am creating skiving snack boxes this will be perfect but smaller</p>
that is cool.
Love that you invoked umami.<br />I think you have a viable business on your hands here.
Hehe, no food business for me. It's just nice to play around in the kitchen sometimes.
A simular recipe can be used for these. <br> <br> http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Blood-flavoured_lollipop
These are awesome! I think this is my favorite of your skiving snackboxes by far.
These sound oddly appealing and fun to try if you're brave enough. Kind of like the Jones Soda holiday packs.
I've had their green bean casserole flavor. It was fun to try but, wow, it was weird! The fainting fancies I just posted actually make use of an entirely savory flavor--no sweetness at all in one half.
All I was suggesting is Ipecac, which is small potatoes compared to warfarin.
You should make something from the snackboxes using laxatives, so it actually works.<br>Same with the puking pastills, you should use vomit-inducing drugs and antinauseants :)
You are not the first to suggest it. I concocted these without medications in them because they are for a very general audience, including children. With kids it's fun to gross them out, not make them sick. I felt that they should be fun to present with some unusual flavors inspired by the idea of the original. These candies are a very basic concept that people are likely to expand upon in their own ways.
None of your harry potter magic recopies really do what they are intended right?
Correct. They aren't &quot;special effect,&quot; more like &quot;taste effect.&quot; One side has a really unusual taste inspired by the effect the fictional candies are supposed to produce. The other has a more conventional flavor. In these it's a really tart, salty flavor.
You can put warfarin in the red to start the bleeding, and some phylloquinone to stop it. But, I wouldn't recommend it, unless if you like eating rat poison.

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