Aren't you tired of swarming flies, chomping mosquitoes, or even annoying gnats? It's time to bite back! This can all be made possible through Nosquito. By eliminating pesky bugs free handedly, on a timed manner, Nosquito will allow you to enjoy quality time with your family. There is no longer a need to worry! With Nosquito, families can go camping, have a picnic, or even create backyard activities with zero annoyance.

Step 1: Acquire Materials

- 1 Boe Bot
- 5 Wires
- Multiple Screws
- Multiple Nuts
- 1 lb. wieght (balance)
- Repel Mosquito Repellent
- 1 Door Actuator
- 3 Metal Bars
- 2 9v batteries
- Sauder
- 1 9VDC Mini Relay
- Metal Brackets
- Project Board / Open Yard
- Basic Stamp Editor v2.5.3
cool idea!  how do you trigger the nosquito to start spraying?  or does it run continuously?
The Nosquito is actually sprayed through the pumping of the acuator. The metal bar connected to the actuator will spray down on to the top of the bug spray. Within the program, all that is needed is to trigger the pin the actuator is connected to. It is possible to control the pulses being sprayed through the mini relay, or leave it to run continuously. The Mini Relay opens and closes the circuit depending upon the program.

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