Picture of Not Hard Youtube Video Downloads
In this instructable, I am going to show you how to download "Youtube" videos quickly. Please enjoy my instructable and also comment, rate or even ask any questions that you have.


Step 1: What You Need and the Programme

Picture of What You Need and the Programme
First of all, check that you have all of these things:

Computer (Laptop or Desktop)
An internet connection (The faster your internet, the better)
Quicktime Player  or Windows Media Player

Ok, next follow this link to the download page of Tooble. That is the name of the software that you will be using to download the videos. http://tooble.tv/index.php?page=download

Download to your desktop follow the next step.

ArtistM3 months ago

Helpful, but I used to use Total Video Downloader for Mac, which can download any online video. Youtube, vimeo, vevo, meatcafe... This software is very easy to use and download videos at very high speed

IamRV.8 months ago

Hi there !

Want to download your favorite youtube videos ? Checkout this video. The method explained works pretty fast and just requires you to type in 'ss'. (No softwares)


srhadaham5 years ago
I've been using tooble for some time now and a while ago it quit working anybody else with this problem?
figured I'd try a reinstall just on the off chance that it worked, and viola like magic, its fine again
Firefox already has a few plug-ins that do this much easier. I use Download Helper it downloads and also gives you the option to convert the file. It also supports many other video site and various other file types (embedded mp3's ect.)

Hydroelectric (author)  TheCheese99215 years ago
Tooble does much of the same things that Download Helper would. Tooble will even let you change the file format, save directory, etc.
Download helper does all of that without any extra software. Either way though.
Hydroelectric (author)  TheCheese99215 years ago
Download Helper is an online based software. If so, what would you do if say there was a virus on the website and that everyrtime you went to download something, it would download the virus too?

By the way I use tooble too..
You don't even have to open a browser to get the youtube videos you can just search for it in the program..
Hydroelectric (author)  Cameronk5 years ago
I didn't know that, I'll try that now.

Download Helper is NOT an online based software (ie: send link to site and receive direct download) It is a plugin for the firefox browser, that downloads videos directly through your browser.

It works essentially the same as Tooble just without the need to install any extra software.

Jayefuu5 years ago
Nicely documented first instructable Hydroelectric. :)
Hydroelectric (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
Thanks Jayefuu.

BTW, do you chat using IRC?
fversteegen5 years ago
Even easier: go to http://keepvid.com/ and paste the url of the video: instant download and no software needed!
Hydroelectric (author)  fversteegen5 years ago
Hey fversteegen,
I've also used that site, but what would you do if that website was closed down, or was being updated when you wanted to use it?