Introduction: Not Just Any Fish in the Sea...

My ninth grade Technology class was given the challenge to create a “green” costume for middle school aged children while also allowing easy construction. The class was broken into multiple teams, each responsible for designing a line of marine themed costumes.
Within my team I was responsible for designing a costume for middle school aged children within the “Reef Animals” theme. The costume was made from recycled cardboard and had the ability to slot together.The project had very few specifications. They were the costume must slot together, easy construction, ability of indoor and outdoor use, and designed for middle school aged children under minimal supervision.
The only limitations for the design is the only materials permitted for use was recycled cardboard. Also the design could not include any fasteners.

Cardboard (S1) - 3 60" x 20" 
                     (S2) - 3 30" x 10"
Cutting Mat (T1)
Exacto-knife (T2)
Ruler (T3)
Pencil (T4)

Body Piece 1 (P1)
Body Piece 2 (P2)
Straps (P3)
Fins (P4)

Step 1: Body Pieces

1. Measure using (T3) (S1) and score using (T4) body piece 1
2. Scribe using (T4) a 1" line going left to right beginning at the left edge
3. Measure using (T3)  (S1) and score using (T4) body piece 2
4. Draw using (T4) and (T3) a 6 ¼ " x ¼" rectangle ¼" in from left edge of body piece 1
5. Cut along lines made using (T2)

Step 2: Fins

1. Measure using (T3) on (S1) and scribe (2) fins. 6" in length, left side 6 ½" in height and right side 5¼" in height
2. Score a 1" line using (T4) starting from the top and bottom of the right side going right to left
3. Cut along lines made using (T2) on mat (T1)

Step 3: Straps

1. Measure using (T3) on (S2) and scribe using (T4) (2) 24" x 2" rectangles using (T4)
2. Cut along the lines drawn using (T2) on mat (T1)
3. Coil straps using hands

Step 4: Body Slot

Insert P1 into P2 at slot made on front end

Step 5: Tail Slot

Slot tail end of P2 onto tail end of P1

Step 6: Fins Slots

Slide P4 into the 5" slots on the sides of P1 and P2

Step 7: Strap Placing

Place P3 into the four slots made in a criss-cross manner

Step 8: Finished Product

Step 9: Plan of Procedures


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