Heat-shrink Is Not for Insulation Only





Introduction: Heat-shrink Is Not for Insulation Only

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If your doing some electrical projects you for sure have various heat-shrink tubes laying around. Its primary usage is for wire insulation. I use it often for other tasks. Some of them I would like to share with you.

Step 1: Drill Limit

Take the tube a little bit wider than drill bit you will use. Cut it properly and put it on drill bit. While drilling look at the tube: as soon as it touches surface stop drilling. That way you will never drill through. (In my personal blog http://www.jumbleview.info/2016/04/not-for-insulation-only.html you can find some more rumination regrading this usage).

Step 2: Plate or Picture Hanger for the Sheetrock Wall

I seldom use special hooks while hanging picture or plate.Take the narrow tube and cut the half nail length (make the 45 degree cut). Put the tube on the nail. Now you can be sure that part of nail will stay out while you nailing it.

Step 3: Awl Protector

Put the narrow heat-shrink tube on the awl end. That way you will protect yourself while looking for something in your tool box. You now even can carry awl safely in your pocket.

Step 4: Keeping Tweezers Tips Together

That way tweezers will take less place in your tool box.

Step 5: Paper Clip Enhancement

Paper clip with heat-shrink tube on it provides much better attachment compare to a regular paper clip.



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    5 Discussions

    Phil B

    2 years ago

    The clasp on my Kindle cover is magnetic, but the magnet is held in place with a thin piece of fabric, and that began to tear. I slipped a larger piece of heat shrink tubing over the clasp and magnet. Then I heated it to shrink it. It is now the most durable part of the Kindle case. I did an Instructable on it.

    1 reply

    Thanks for comment. Phil. I found your Kindle case fix (but that was not easy among your 300+ projects !). Indeed it is one more nice non-traditional application of heat-shrink.

    Drill-hack alone is already very helpful. It's so easy once somebody tells you...

    Great job! I specifically like the drill bit hack. That's much better than using tape to do depth drilling. good -ible

    1 reply

    Thanks, yes I used tape myself, but have found that tube works better for me.