Introduction: Not So Throwable L.E.D. Generator

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simple project that can be used to show the capabilities of wind energy
or just as a simple momentary flashlight.

Step 1: Materials

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you will need a :
a small hobby motor

Step 2: Tools

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you will need a:
soldering iron
snips / scissors

Step 3: The Easiest Step

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solder the led to the motor, polarity does not matter since the polarity given off by the motor switches with a change in rotational direction.

Step 4: Tips

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possible applications for this include:
momentary flashlight
placing on a small propeller to demonstrate the potential of wind energy
a tachometer, the brighter the led is the faster the shaft is spinning


stonehenge360 (author)2008-05-07

the polarity will matter if it is a DC motor...

firemanfu (author)stonehenge3602008-05-08

.if you spin it the opposite direction the charge reverses

bomberman3 (author)firemanfu2008-08-16

that would be great for (some) bipolar LEDs!!!! just reverse the polarity and its a different color!

munymuny200 (author)bomberman32011-01-28

thats a great idea

seandogue (author)bomberman32009-08-23

Good thinking!

firemanfu (author)bomberman32008-08-17

indeed it would

Jack A Lopez (author)2010-09-17

Alright. Been there. Done that. Picture attached.

Kante Tech (author)2010-09-01

can some explain how this work. What i mean is where do you connect the leads of the led on to the motor. And for the led to light up all you have to do is spin the motor?

masprotech (author)2009-07-04

Please trust in the fact that this will never ever work... I have tried many many combinations of everything you could think of ie.. air,water,solar... Nothing produces enough energy to power itself back. It just isnt possible with the technology we have right now.. You can however get minimal results with a combo of generator powered by solar turning another generator by belt to power a light. But as others have noted you lose alot of energy in heat which sucks.

masprotech (author)masprotech2009-07-04

Im sorry I meant that the drawings done by others on here wouldnt work not this instructable... Very well done btw

ac1D (author)2008-05-05

im confused.. in this design, we would need wind for 5secondes, then it would be auto-power-making system! i was kidding btw, dont even try this lol

MJTH (author)ac1D2009-04-28

This would be true, but sadly you would need more energy to rotate the blade then you would get back due to physics, and two you lose energy in heat. Sucky isnt it.

nevery (author)ac1D2009-01-08

rofl..... hahahahaha.

awkrin (author)ac1D2008-06-16

u can't make anything like that, because there is no(or at least I never heard of) device that produce it's own fuel(well the sun one though, but not man-made for sure) as for your design, wouldn't it be better to use one motor, a capacitor and something that would crosswire the motor and capacitor so it can still spin (otherwise, it would spin backwards with the power from the capacitor)

hoihoi151 (author)awkrin2009-01-03

solar power is free. except 4 the solar panels. lol.

Sandisk1duo (author)ac1D2008-07-20

No device can produce "free" energy, except by splitting/fusing atoms

firemanfu (author)Sandisk1duo2008-07-20

i can create free energy

ME 2

here it is

Sandisk1duo (author)firemanfu2008-07-20

do it then

firemanfu (author)Sandisk1duo2008-07-20

i'll upload my plans when i do it in sketch up

Dantex (author)ac1D2008-07-18

it would work for some time if you ad diodes to turn ac to dc and for to power only goes to one motor and if you ad capacitor

firemanfu (author)ac1D2008-05-10

i was planing on trying this but i didn't have 2 of the same motors , all mine have come from things I rip apart.

ac1D (author)firemanfu2008-05-11

it would not work, lol.

Jeremyrooker (author)ac1D2008-07-03

Lol I cant believe people think that would work Its hilarious.

firemanfu (author)Jeremyrooker2008-07-06

i just wanted to try cause i was bored and to pretend there wasn't any such thing as resistance

hedgiehog (author)ac1D2008-05-06

it would need to be 99%+ for this to even work. but it would be cool it could

Dantex (author)ac1D2008-05-06

it won't work, ti would be nice but there is wire resistance for electric energy and air resistance for blade.

astrozombies138 (author)ac1D2008-05-05

110% efficient!

masynmachien (author)2009-01-22

What kind of motor do you use? What are it's specification towards its intended use? I have done several successful experiments in lighting small light bulbs with toy/hobby motors (with some like FF 130 it works, with others it does not). But I do not manage to make a LED work, not even a low current type. I probably do not get a high enough voltage?

firemanfu (author)masynmachien2009-01-22

the motor was the drive motor for an old walkman cassette player, i am not sure of the voltage it puts out, i lent it to a friend and when i get it back or build another i will test the voltage.

pandyaketan (author)2008-11-18

what happens if u combine two LEDs with opposite polarities inter twined and then connect this LED unit to the motor ? will one LED always be on ??

firemanfu (author)pandyaketan2008-11-18

if both leds were in parallel it would work, if they were in series it would not.

Sandisk1duo (author)2008-07-20

You can totally throw this thing!

firemanfu (author)Sandisk1duo2008-07-20

but then the light will stop , but yeah you can throw it

Sandisk1duo (author)firemanfu2008-07-20

add a diode and a capacitor then it with light up even though you stopped spinning the shaft

firemanfu (author)Sandisk1duo2008-07-21

yeah i should buy one of those golden caps but then it would be a little to big for me , im trying to keep it kind of small

Sandisk1duo (author)firemanfu2008-07-21

just get a super capacitor, they're like $5 + shipping

Sandisk1duo (author)Sandisk1duo2008-07-21

the capacitor is about the size of a nickel

firemanfu (author)Sandisk1duo2008-07-22

when i move from the broke unemployed 13 year old to the non broke employed 14 year old in the beginning of september

firemanfu (author)firemanfu2008-07-22

i'll buy one

Sandisk1duo (author)firemanfu2008-07-22

just make some easy circuits and sell them at school or something! have you heard of FREE samples? companies are willing to send you some integrated circuits if you say that you might buy more

firemanfu (author)Sandisk1duo2008-07-22

yeah , i get some free samples and when i turn 14 , in 3 months or so i hopefully have a job with my dads friend in an electronics biz

Sandisk1duo (author)firemanfu2008-07-22

lucky! i wish i knew someone like that

firemanfu (author)Sandisk1duo2008-07-22

yeah , i'm hoping it works out , if it doesn't work out now , he said by the time i am 16 i will have a job there

pwnz32 (author)2008-05-06

Led's on a bike. I am so doing this.

incorrigible packrat (author)2008-05-05

Attach a fan blade, Throw it way up in the air, Watch the colour fall.

i actually put a small propeller on it and put it in front of a yard blower

hedgiehog (author)2008-05-05

so all it is is soldering an led to a motor? what a waste of time, expand it a little bit more than just solder it to it... possible ideas

PetervG (author)hedgiehog2008-05-05

Yeah like, attach it to a bike or something.

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