Not So Throwable L.E.D. Generator





Introduction: Not So Throwable L.E.D. Generator

simple project that can be used to show the capabilities of wind energy
or just as a simple momentary flashlight.

Step 1: Materials

you will need a :
a small hobby motor

Step 2: Tools

you will need a:
soldering iron
snips / scissors

Step 3: The Easiest Step

solder the led to the motor, polarity does not matter since the polarity given off by the motor switches with a change in rotational direction.

Step 4: Tips

possible applications for this include:
momentary flashlight
placing on a small propeller to demonstrate the potential of wind energy
a tachometer, the brighter the led is the faster the shaft is spinning



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    the polarity will matter if it is a DC motor...

    .if you spin it the opposite direction the charge reverses

    that would be great for (some) bipolar LEDs!!!! just reverse the polarity and its a different color!

    Alright. Been there. Done that. Picture attached.


    can some explain how this work. What i mean is where do you connect the leads of the led on to the motor. And for the led to light up all you have to do is spin the motor?

    Please trust in the fact that this will never ever work... I have tried many many combinations of everything you could think of ie.. air,water,solar... Nothing produces enough energy to power itself back. It just isnt possible with the technology we have right now.. You can however get minimal results with a combo of generator powered by solar turning another generator by belt to power a light. But as others have noted you lose alot of energy in heat which sucks.

    Im sorry I meant that the drawings done by others on here wouldnt work not this instructable... Very well done btw