Start with a piece of wood, according to its owner. Use the chart on how to start.

Step 1:

After you got the measurements, cut the wood and leave a little bit of depth for later.
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Hi, <br /> <br />Can you please post a photo of your project? The title says it is a bowl, but I don't see any pictures of a bowl. Please let me know when you have done so so we can post your Instructable properly. <br /> <br />Best, <br />Nicole <br />Community Support Manager
I'm sorry. the title says Bow. As in archery. I'll post a picture in the morning when I have access to the supplies. I've made one, but it died. So I have to make a new one, so I'll photo ir
Great! Sorry about that. I thought the ! was a l. Let me know when you've posted the photo :)
(I should have put it together when I didn't see a bowl mentioned anywhere!)
Please make sure to post your own photos of your finished product.

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