Not so primitive, customizable, wood bow!

Picture of Not so primitive, customizable, wood bow!
Start with a piece of wood, according to its owner. Use the chart on how to start.
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Step 1:

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After you got the measurements, cut the wood and leave a little bit of depth for later.

Step 2: Shaving

Picture of Shaving
Measure the pre-bow and divide it in half. Mark the half point and two inches on either side to give a four inch handle. Start tapering the board, going away from the handles and sand liberally. When it's reached preferred size, check the flexibility on your knee. 

Step 3: Tie

Picture of Tie
With a hack or bandsaw, cut two small nocks on the edges as a square triangle, the 90* pointing down. (couldn't find degree sign) Then using your leg, pull the wood into shape and tie it. My most recommended string would be kite line or synthetic sinew.

Step 4: The Kaboomer.

Picture of The Kaboomer.
To make an arrow, Cut a thin dowel to size and add a nock on both sides. (one larger than the other) Find or buy feathers and peel away one side so you have a half of a feather. Use three half feathers per arrow. Using a tiny bit of hot glue (just enough to make it stick) glue the feathers on, two parallel from the nock, one aligning. Make sure the feathers are about a half inch away from the smaller nock.Then with sewing thread,thread string through the feathers flumps and pull taught to keep the feather bits on. Then on the other aide, get a thin bone or strong rock and put in in the larger nock. Then using thread or yarn, tie it in using diagonal type wrapping.
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Can you please post a photo of your project? The title says it is a bowl, but I don't see any pictures of a bowl. Please let me know when you have done so so we can post your Instructable properly.

Community Support Manager
Givver112 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
I'm sorry. the title says Bow. As in archery. I'll post a picture in the morning when I have access to the supplies. I've made one, but it died. So I have to make a new one, so I'll photo ir
Great! Sorry about that. I thought the ! was a l. Let me know when you've posted the photo :)
(I should have put it together when I didn't see a bowl mentioned anywhere!)
Please make sure to post your own photos of your finished product.