Introduction: BUILD a SWORD

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This instructable will show you how to make a home made sword easily and effectively. But this will all depend on your creativity with it. I only made this when I was about 10, just as an example of how easy this is.

Step 1: Gather the Junk

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First your going to need afew things sutch as any type of strong ties or metal strips.Tape of your choise will be needed(I perfer duck tape),and a bit of card board.The tools you will need will be a grinder of some sort,and a sort or hand grinder for detail.

Step 2: Hurry Up and Start!

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Now you can start with the strip.First you have to take the strip and tape and configure a comfortable handle to fit your grip.Secondly,you have to figure out how you want to make it.I made mine with horns as you can see on the intro.You can use any metal strip you find in this way of sword making.But be sure you have the stamina to sharpen thick strips.(I've done it before and it takes for freaking ever!)

Step 3: Begin Sharpening

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This is pretty self explainatory.Sharpen and becarefull.

Step 4: To Make Sheath

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Take you're card board and metal strip and line them up.Cut out 2 shapes of youre blade from the card board.After youve done so,make sure that the card board and the blade are the same shape.Then you measure out how long your blade is and cut out a rectangle big enough to cover the edge of the sheath.Make two of these rectangle strips.I used a knife for this example.

Step 5: Cut Out

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These will be some steps on how to make the sheath.

Step 6: Sheath Step #2

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Cut out each pice of the card board.

Step 7: Sheath Step#3

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Sandwitch the blade between the two main pices and use the side pices on the sides of the blade and the sheath.(The blade will have to be in the half way made sheath the whole time).

Step 8: This Is It!

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This is what you should end up with.

Step 9: Dont You Feel Proud!

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If you survived making it,you will find that the swords function will greatly depend on how thick you chose the metal.You can now use this sword as a macheti for lawn work.Or you could be really board and want to cut things like fruit or other random things.If you make it thin it will be more liable to bend and look like crap after use.But it will be easier to make and will have a better cutting effect.If you make it thick,than it will take longer to make,have a strong hack and slash effect(not clean cuts), but will last far longer.


ArtemisF (author)2015-08-23

You could have just used an axe to cut the the pointy end (sorry I don't know the correct terminology)...

liLightaura (author)2010-11-07

How do you cut it after you have your design?

SirB2000 (author)liLightaura2014-08-22

LOL metal saw. xD

The reason my method of "sword making" is so simple, is because I am so limitted in the availiability of tools and space. So you see, I had to do it the hard way, with my little dremel hand held, a grinder, and a pear of metal sheers. It would really depend on what kind of strip you are using. I usually make a very basic shape and then just continue to grind the rest off and proceede to shape it with my grinder. Actually I can do a lot with a spinning wheel of stone.

Okay thanks that makes sense

curvy77 (author)2011-11-28

ooo now i see what i forgot on my sheath! (the small rectangle bit for the edge) thnxs man!

curvy77 (author)2011-11-28

lol your right! my 10 year old bro made a sword too! course it was the scrap from my 6ft one ( hehe >=) )

liLightaura (author)2010-11-07

BY the way who said you where michael jackson

I honestly have no clue since I made my profile a loong while back. Wierd thought I guess.

Johnny Topside (author)2010-07-09

Pretty awesome sword dude

Gage987 (author)2010-03-11

what did you use for the blade

For the first sword, I used a strong tie and for the second one I used a sort of pole. You can find them in some fences holding up the fence. For the first one I used a strong tie. A strong tie is a strip of metal use to anchor two pieces of wood together. There are many forms of them, you just have to use the straight ones. I would suggest some of the thicker ones.

snowbum14 (author)2009-12-23

i would end up using  3/4 in plywood and measuring the thickness of the blade to make it a tighter fit 

Camisado (author)2008-10-22

No offense, your Idea is good, but the hilt is just terrible. Make a neater wrap around it.

z-man6233 (author)Camisado2008-11-22

ya i agree

dpsilver (author)z-man62332009-01-18

I made my own sword but i used a sock and wrapped tape around it for comfort and to prevent those shocks for hitting something hard

I bet it looks way better than tape right? Come on man, no one is going to take you seriously with a sock for a handle wrap! At least tell me you tried to hide that fact with some thing......

sigh heres a picture of it and u seem to have misunderstood me i used a sock and wrapped tape around the entire thing so it looks neat sorry i dont have a pic of it close up 

I am so sorry for dissing you like that. But I just got a vission of a sword with an end of a sock hanging from it. It looks alright. How long did it take you to make it? How long and thick is it? And one mor important Q, what the f$#k do you use yours for?

lol yea its alright not bad for using hand tools alone right
but time to answer ur questions
1 it took me about 2 months of constant work to make it
2 the blade alone is 26 inches long and another 13 inches for the handle
3 thickness the back end of the blade is 0.5 cm thats very thick and the top of the tip is 0.1 cm thick
and most importantly
4 i havent killed any animals with it and only used it to cut soft plants. i havent been able to get it hardened yet so that all ill risk for now
but the blade should be toxic after all thats what ive been cutting with it the oleander plant 

See what happened with that was, when I made it, one of my older friends didn't want me to slip and cut my self on the bottom of the blade and wrapped tape around it. Sorry for being safe guys.

Ain't nothing wrong with having a tape handle wrap. I wrapped some of my swords and knives with tape too, but I do it neatly. Your handlewrap however, is kind of a mess. No offense.

No offence taken. Can I see one of yours? Post a picture on comments.

Sorry for the late reply. Here's a pic (the first knife is the one wrapped in tape, although mind you I've already welded strips of metal into the blade to act as a handle, the tape was just for added comfort. The second pic is a pic on one of my better knives, a high carbon steel blade with hardwood handle):

You've got some serrious devotion.Props.

Cruncher123 (author)2009-06-27

could I use a file to sharpen the blade?

dpsilver (author)Cruncher1232009-11-13

yea u can the one i made is entirely hand made with hand tools alone but i dont kno if i should put it up as an instructable  

It would have to be very fine grit structure so it wont just tear the thing up. Go ahead, how much time do you exactly have on your hands?

Brainny (author)2009-09-05

whats that u have for sharpening

The small hand held one is a Dremel MultiPro Cordless and the larger one is a Task Force bench grinder. Why do you ask?

solarpolar32 (author)2009-08-13

you misspelled orange

jesseq (author)2009-05-20

What did u use 4 a strip

I used a strong tie. It's usually found in the hard ware section in a Home Depot or Lows. There are a bunch of shapes and sizes so take your pick.

the mechanical engineer (author)2009-03-16

uhhhhh.... what about hardening the blade?

With the already available amount of ductility in the metal these days, I doubt that it needs to be heat treated any further. It's an industry standard anyways so I would think that it's already treated.

xadevox (author)2009-06-15

could i use yard stick?

For what? The sword? No objections here. It is yours to mess with dude.

Thundertydus (author)2009-05-11

I stabbed myself with mine and died by accient, be careful

CapnTac (author)Thundertydus2009-07-11

That made me literally Lol!

BEAST14 (author)2009-01-22

Hey, could you go back and fix the spelling error in the title? I dont know why but it's driving me crazy. wow,...I really am weird. maybe my friends were right...

bowmaster (author)2009-01-17

For the hilt get a dowel the same size as the handle part on your sword then split the dowel in half. Glue it to the handle ( glue advice ) Then drill 2 hole through the handle and insert dowels then glue.

theswordninja651 (author)2009-01-04

that"s cool and i want to make it but i don't have metal strips

Link-44 (author)2008-10-19

This is really simple, But so cool! I might make one of these when I have duct-tape... .'

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