Introduction: Notebook Making

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Step 1: Supply's

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You need - lined paper - tape - pencil crayons - a pice of dark paper - lined paper - scissors

Step 2: Cut

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Cut along the read line of the paper. As many papers as you want. Each paper is 4 pages.

Step 3: Fold

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Fold all the papers 2 times.

Step 4: 4 Pages -tricky-

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Cut the edge that is attached. Make shire you do not cut it fully off. If you do make another page or throw it out.

Step 5: Tape

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Make shire you tape the spine.

Step 6: Edit

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Go threw the book to tape any loose pages.

Step 7: Measure

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Measure the darker paper and cut out the right measurement.

Step 8: Tape 2

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Tape the cover on

Step 9: Trim

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Trim the edges

Step 10: Decorate

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Decorate front and back.

Step 11: Done


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