Notebook Modification (Harry Potter Style)





Introduction: Notebook Modification (Harry Potter Style)

This is a super easy and quick diy to pimp up your boring notebooks. I got my notebook from Ikea, the size is 21x15 cm and it was super cheap.

Other than a notebook you will need:

- scissor

- computer, printer

- acrylic paint (in whichever housecolors you like)

- Paint brushes

- Glue stick

- Some kind of paper/washi tape that can be removed from the notebook without leaving marks

Step 1: Print, Cut, Tape

First thing you're going to need to do is pick a hogwarts house, (I chose Hufflepuff), search the internet for a house crest picture of your chosen house and print it, make sure to resize it so it will fit on your notebook. (Mine is about 5x6 cm). Next thing to do is cut out your house crest and just place it where you want it on your notebook (don't glue it on yet).

Now, grab your tape, depending on how thick you want your lines to be you might need to cut the tape. My tape was about 1 cm wide and I cut it in half to make the lines thinner. Create whichever pattern you want with the tape and make sure to leave space for your housecrest wherever you place it.

Step 2: Time to Paint!

Get your paint and brsuhes out, it's time to put some color on this notebook.

Fill in the spaces in your pattern with your chosen housecolors. I noticed in this step I needed to paint the yellow bits twice, you might need to do this if you use any bright colors in order to make the color look good.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Remove the tape as soon as you're done painting, don'tlet the paint dry first. Once you've removed the tape it's time to glue on your housecrest that you've already cut out. Let it all dry for a little while and your new Harry Potter themed notebook is ready to be used.



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have you made a Gryffindor one yet

when can you make the ravenclaw on

I'll see to it in the weekend :)

can you do a ravenclaw one ?

I might be able to do that yes :)

Thanks! :D