This is my process to make a sketchbook with simple materials and tools you may certainly have at home. A nice feature of this notebook is that it can lay flat on a table and its covers are wrapped in cloth.

Step 1: Folding and cutting

Gather coloured sheets of paper (A4 size) and fold once. When pressing, use a blunt object, e.g. a fork, to obtain neat folded edges. I have folded 4 sets or sections of A4 sheets (each set has 4 folded sheets). When you have folded all sets, cut in half using a knife. The final sketchbook will be approximately 10cm x 14cm (almost A6 size, 4×6in), after trimming the edges.
Exactly how an instructable should be layer out
This is how an instructable SHOULD be laid out. Perfect picture references and clear instructions. A very fun and cheap project to do in your spare time. Thank you, I will be doing this very soon!!
Wow I really liked it!! :D This is one of the cutest binding themed Instructables I've seen, loved the use of colorful pages! Thank you!

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