Picture of Notebook from old Floppy Disks

I know there are several other Instructables about this using rubber band, cable ties or chain links.
This notebook is made with string and the method is different (and a bit more complicated, I admit).

After I made this I was very very proud of myself, and I wanted the world to see my creation! :-D
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need

-2 Floppy Disks
-1 meter of cotton string
-about 50 papers (square, 9x9cm)
-Darning Needle
-a Hole Punch

I was lucky! I found notebook paper at exactly the right size, and it was cheap too.
If you have to cut it, it would be good to use one of those paper cutter machine things.
I just learned they are called "paper cutters" (THANKS!). Why didn't I think of that? It was probably just too obvious :-)

This is an opportunity to recycle used paper (one side printed/written, one side blank).

Step 2:

Picture of
Punch holes into the papers.
Put the paper onto one Floppy .
Pull the string through the holes.
Align the ends of the string so they have the same length.

Step 3:

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Pull each end of the string through its hole twice from the front to the back
(front is where the paper is, back is where the floppy is)

It has to go around every side of the corner once (see picture)

Pull tight and tie square knot.

Step 4:

Picture of

We will finish one side first, then we do the other.

Pull one end of the string to the front and then through the second floppy

Step 5:

Picture of
Now things start to get interesting.
It may look a little complicated but I'll do my best to explain step by step.
I think the result is worth it, cause it's pretty neat :-)

Thread string under the long strings on the back.

Step 6:

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Pull string through the loop at the side

Step 7:

Picture of
Pull string through the 2 loops at the spine

Step 8:

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Repeat steps 4-7 at the other side
Pull tight, tie square knot.

Step 9: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
That's it, we are done.

The sheets don't move as freely as they would with the methods in the other instructables because they are attached to the back.
But the cover can be moved without making contact with the pages. So they can't crinkle or get dog-ears

I made 8 of those yesterday . I would have loved  to make more but I ran out of floppy discs :-(

I'll give them to the charity sale of our crafting circle on Whit Monday. I hope they sell well.

i so much love the idea!

vegan draws2 years ago
This is a great idea. Thank you - I'm going to make one for my Dad :-)
sraharjo13 years ago
where did you get some of those coloured paper?
Browncoat4 years ago
I had some square paper & have made 4 of these. I'm using a dremel tool to make the holes in the paper. :)
How retro looking!
MyMenagerie4 years ago
This is a wonderful craft for children. Even though floppies hold more info than note paper, children LOVE to write down things on pads. (My house is full of them!) Thanks for the idea. As soon as I unload my floppies, we will get started!
MyMenagerie4 years ago
This is a wonderful craft idea for children! Thanks! After I remove the info from my floppies, I plan on getting started.
ob98894 years ago
Is it about the same size as a post it?
Diaphane (author)  ob98894 years ago
Post-its are a little smaller ( the ones I have)
My post its are 7x7,5 cm (2,5x3 in)
The papers I used are 9x9 cm (3,3x3,5 in)
SageMinto4 years ago
Very adorable! I will definitely make one of these before I go to college in the fall. They seem like notebooks I would need as a freshmen. :D
Crispie J4 years ago
the English word for one of those paper cutter machine things is a paper cutter :)
or guillotine
Lindie4 years ago
That's nice!
I make these but you a pad of Stickie Notes. They are perfect. For the paper, I used scrapbook paper scraps and decoupage the paper onto the plastic.
These are very cool, unfortunately my only floppy disks are black, I wish I had some nice colours like yours!
Diaphane (author)  gorgeous junk4 years ago
The floppy disks weren't coloured like this. They are white, light gray or black.
I just put some of the coloured paper on them with double sided sticky tape.
Mr.Sanchez4 years ago
THNKS 4 SHARE...straight to the "To do" List...
angelabchua4 years ago
awww this is awesome! An awesome gift!
ChrysN4 years ago
randofo4 years ago
Nicely done! You should use the picture with the stack of notebooks as the main image. It's a good photo.
Diaphane (author)  randofo4 years ago
Thank you! I'll do that.