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Hello again!

I decided to share with you more notepad tricks.....

The first one will show you how old you're going to be after 39 years.
And the second - in which year you're going to be 50.

I hope you like them:)

here are the results:)))

Step 1: Trick number 1

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This trick will show you how old you'll be in 39 years.

1. Open notepad
2. Type this code:

WScript.Echo "Hello!"

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
age = InputBox("Please type your age.")

newage = age + 39
WshShell.Popup "In 39 years, you will be " & newage & "."

3. Go to File - save as and save it like this age ( or something else). vbs
It doesn't matter what will be the name, but it have to end with .vbs

4. That's it!!!

NOTE: You can change 39 with other number if you want. But don't forget to change it in both places!!!


hhackers4 years ago
Please post another VBScripts..
yeah, i want more
bretjazs4 years ago
will you teach me ..!
i want to learn about notepad..!
hhackers4 years ago
kaseyhare5 years ago
i dont understand 
slu6alka (author)  kaseyhare5 years ago
What exactly you don't understand?
geeklord6 years ago
mmmkay,I read a couple tutorials on VBS and i decided to try to write something of my own. I'm having problems. It says the "Next" at the end is unexpected. I have the For at the begining, so why is this happening?

For a=1 to 3
dim b
if b=1 then
if b=2 then
msgbox"How are you?"
if b=3 then
msgbox"That's great"

what are you truing to accomplish with the 'next'?
ahmedvadia6 years ago
could you embed one in the spider solitaire so it shows an error and exits spider solitaire
Hello, old friend. How is your line of work coming?
CelloMan7 years ago
these aren't really jokes but i guess if you want a chance at winning the random prize...
"I decided to share with you more notepad tricks....." You are the only person to say that they were jokes. Try to read more carefully.
i said, if you paid more attention ===="these aren't really jokes"====
therefore meaning you shouldnt have entered them in the april fools day contest
which he did.
Dr.Paj CelloMan7 years ago
That is exactly what happened. Nice call.
Transquesta7 years ago
For anyone who cares/is interested, you can convert your .vbs 'creations' into .exe by going here and getting a copy of VbsToExe: http://www.f2ko.de/English/v2e/index.php

Sorry, I've only been able to find the CMD utility, but the syntax is pretty straight-forward.
Flea7 years ago
These aren't notepad tricks. It's Windows Scripting (VBScript). You can do this in any text editor. You should change the title to something referring to VBScript
slu6alka (author)  Flea7 years ago
I changed it.