Notes Holder





Introduction: Notes Holder

Step 1: You Need

What you need

Step 2: Glue

glue up, CD together

Step 3: 11 Cm Roll

make 2 holes in the roll

Step 4: Roll and Cd

glue together like this

Step 5: Glue Cards

like this

Step 6: 2 Side

glue 2 side, right and left

Step 7: Twist Together

like this

Step 8: Finish

good luck



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    Also, Where do you get the roll?

    Where do you get the pads and where are they?

    That is so cool I know someone that would be perfect for!!!! Thats totally creative :)

    I think it's a wonderful idea, I'm the post it note queen, they are everywhere and this is about the only way that I have found to sort them all out. I haven't found any other. if anyone else has please let me know. But I still love this idea instead of note being one the walls on my computer screen on the desk on the edges on the drawer god they are every where!!!

    I would assume some sort of heavy card stock. what do you think?

    I love It! It is so easy to follow and the instructions make it look really easy to build. The best part is that it is made out of CDs too. Its perfect for any home or office.

    ZOMMFG This is one of the bset and most thought out plain out ownage instuctable Ive seen in a long time

    Better find those useless old cds i like this design and it looks like it works well.

    this is great nice instructable

    Excellent! one of the best thought out, and most orginal instrucables using cds ive seen in a long time!