Picture of Notes Holder

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Step 1: You need

Picture of You need
What you need

Step 2: Glue

Picture of glue
BESTplayer 2008-03-24 19-24-08-67.jpg
glue up, CD together

Step 3: 11 cm roll

Picture of 11 cm roll
make 2 holes in the roll

Step 4: Roll and cd

Picture of roll and cd
glue together like this

Step 5: Glue cards

Picture of glue cards
BESTplayer 2008-03-24 19-24-33-64.jpg
BESTplayer 2008-03-24 19-24-36-79.jpg
like this

Step 6: 2 side

Picture of 2 side
BESTplayer 2008-03-24 19-24-42-35.jpg
BESTplayer 2008-03-24 19-24-46-35.jpg
glue 2 side, right and left

Step 7: Twist together

Picture of twist together
BESTplayer 2008-03-24 19-24-55-31.jpg
like this

Step 8: Finish

Picture of Finish
good luck