Nova Project - Johnny Five (Phase 1)


Introduction: Nova Project - Johnny Five (Phase 1)

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I begin with a downloadable template for Johnny five.

The first two pages are 11x17 print and the 3rd page
is standard 11x8.5

The third page is only if you want the optional toolbox
instead of the laser, and the optional R/C housing.

I cut them out and assembled.

Thanks to for the template !

Phase 2 Coming Soon !!



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    I want to make this for my desk at work. How can I get the template?

    3 replies

    At the top of this post there is a download button. it will take you too the pdf file for download.

    Totally. I did download the pdf, but all of the template images are squished on to two pages even if I request pdf of only those....

    How squished. Because the images are pretty high quality so they will appear on about a normal size page but you have to take the pdf file to a place that can print 11 inches x 17 inches that will give you the proper size for the pieces. Also you want them to print it on heavier stock so you can fold it like cardboard. :)