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Introduction: Novelty Table Saw Push Sticks

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Push sticks are essential if you use a table saw and enjoy having fingers. But they don't need to be boring! This is a quick and easy project. You'll need some scrap wood, a colour printer, some kind of saw that can cut curves (coping saw, scroll saw, bandsaw), drill, sandpaper and spray adhesive.

Step 1: Prepare the Prints

First, you need to take a picture of your fingers, as if they're pushing wood through a table saw. A solid color background will make it easier to modify later. Try to make sure you have it well lighted. Open the file in image editing software (I use the freeware GIMP, but any will do). It might be fun to put on a couple Band-Aids or some fake blood before taking the picture.

Feel free to use my files if you want to skip this part.

Scale the picture up so you can have a handle hole, and so the whole thing will print on a single 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Marvel at how old, wrinkled and gross your skin looks when enlarged. Draw an outline so that there will be a lip to catch the back of your work around your thumb. Print this out with the outline, then mirror it and print it out again with no outline (for the back side). A laser printer will withstand clear coating better than an inkjet, if you can swing it.

Step 2: Apply Printouts, Cut and Sand

Sand a 3/4 inch piece of scrap stock. I used a piece of an old table top. This is the second project I'm getting out of it, so I'm glad I saved it!

Blow or wipe it clean, then apply the printout to the wood with spray adhesive. Wait the recommended amount of time. Cut along the outline, then apply the mirrored print to the other side and wait again. It can be a little tricky to line this up. I put a light under some plastic, with the wood on the plastic. This gave me a shadow outline as I was adding the second print. Sand the edges smooth and apply some clear coat if desired (very light coat first, then a heavier one later).

Just like that, you have your own personalized push stick!



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