Well, I'm entering this in the April Fool's Day Contest with hopes of winning. As a pointer, if you like this, vote for me. :) Now, on with the ible.

Step 1: Materials

The materials you will need for this ible are; Tape ( preferably the clear see-through kind ), a sink with a spray nozzle like in the first picture, running water, and a victim.
 lol love the random pic but they are my favorite band and i love this prank lol
I used to do this to my mother every morning!!! but then she would get a spray bottle and wake me up with it.......
Lol, nice...
woo a7x, they rock
yesh dey doo.
Ah yes, the nozzle trick. A classic.
We did this at work once to the girls that worked in the concession stand. One girl who got it was dipsy, and when she turned on the water, panicked, and just let it spray for about 10 seconds spraying water all over until the concession manager walked over and turned the faucet off. Needless to say, the manager made us clean up the water.
I did this when I was a kid to try to get my older sister. She and I were often pulling gags on each other. The only problem was that she wasn't the first one to use the sink. It was my dad...
Yah, back when I was seven I thought of this, and did it to my dad... He wasn't very happy :D
I liked the 'I don't have a spray nozzle sink anymore'. Its like they removed them from the house to keep you straight. =)<br/>
LOL, nah, I just moved to another house without one... :(
Luckily my dad got a laugh out of it. He seemed to enjoy his kids alot, even our antics.

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