Picture of Nuka Cola Caps
How to make bottle cap props from the Fallout series.

There is a question amongst fans on what the caps should look like. Let me lay it out for you.

Now a little debate about the color scheme. The best picture we can get from any of the games is the one I added here. Its a Caravan bet interface from New Vegas. These caps show a brass like cap base while the Nuka Cola label has a black outline.

In game if you zoom in on a full bottle it is just a black cap.

If you zoom in on a loose cap in game its a Nuka label, no outline and on a silver base.

Since it is the best picture a lot of prop builders are going with the Caravan Cap now. But to me it doesn't really matter. Companies change designs all the time and I just put it down to that. (as part of my suspension of belief while playing.)

Now if I am going to add a cap to a bottle or mod one already on a bottle I'll probably go with the caravan cap. (the one with the brass coloring, black circle and red Nuka Cola label. On the other hand if it's just to have a collection of caps in a bag as a display or cosplay piece then I don't think it really matters. In fact variety is good. Keeps everything from looking like it came from a distributor. Heck They don't all have to be Nuka caps for that matter. Throw in a Bawls cap. Sunset Sarsaparilla caps, Gamma Gulp, your favorite micro beer cap. It's a game. If you plan on making these then your a fan of the game. (or just have a strange thing for bottle caps. Ok maybe not so strange. There is a guy who collects his belly button lint on the web ((shudder))

Anyways, sit back and enjoy the Instructable.
BrokenPixle made it!6 days ago

Really great instructable! Got me a new keyring for when I get my car!

deidreann4 months ago
anyone know how to go about selling these with out getting sued
aw1298 made it!8 months ago

These are my first batch! Thanks for the instructions!!!

DoctorWoo made it!1 year ago

Gave this a few diffrent tries. I think the best so far is using a tiny bit of super-glue instead of elmers and coating it with clear nail polish. it makes the paper a tad transparent, and really adds to the weathering!

temporarychaos made it!1 year ago

I've made a top of these and every other fallout related thing I can think of.


Hey! These are AWESOME! They'll be great for my Fallout themed wedd recep! Have you thought about using Modpodge instead of Elmer's glue? The gloss version of Modpodge would be perfect!

TheGeekFather (author)  Vaultgirl1011 year ago
Thanks! I pretty much use ModPodge and Elmer's interchangeably. Or which ever one is closer.
oldmicah2 years ago
If I were to do this to filled bottles, do you think the labels would survive a bottle opener? Thinking about having a bunch of dusty cold bottles available at a party.
TheGeekFather (author)  oldmicah2 years ago
If you put a thick enough clear coat on the caps it should be OK. Use something food safe however. A few coats of Elmer's glue....or if you are very carefull a few coats of clear fingernail polish might work. Just don't get any on the actual bottle.
Tarr97152 years ago
this is brilliant im going to be making some fallout new vegas props soon as well
Two questions:

Is it pure hydrogen peroxide?
And what do you mean with 'Rinse with some water and marvel at house hole chemistry.' ?
TheGeekFather (author)  MoustacheCat3 years ago
It's standard household Hydrogen Peroxide, Whether it is pure...I don't know I don't have one in front of me to look at. And what I mean by "Rinse with some water and marvel at house hole chemistry.' is once it's sat for three hours or over night or however long you leave it you need to rinse off the salt and hydrogen peroxide. The rest is kinda self explanatory if you look at the pictures and read the page. But in case you didn't understand. The Salt and Hydrogen Peroxide will oxidize the exposed metal of the cap, giving it that 'authentic wasteland look.'
Thanks! I wanted to make a stimpak out of tin cans and let them have same wasteland look.
mr.pipboy333 years ago
will it ruin the weathered affect if you accidentally leave the solution in the fridge for like an hour
TheGeekFather (author)  mr.pipboy333 years ago
not really...Just don't spill or drip the hydrogen peroxide on ANYTHING. It will "bleach" what ever it hits. I've frequently left mine over night. Just makes the bare metal rustier.
crackedcook3 years ago
How do you size the caps on the paper right? Mine end up being to small.
TheGeekFather (author)  crackedcook3 years ago
ummm...i made them the right size. If you are clicking fit to paper in your print window or are not use US Letter sized paper then you might be screwed with out a little resizing....

What I did is in GIMP...drew a bunch of circles different sizes...Find out the closest size to your bottle cap.Use that one as a size comparison and re-size the other ones.
hey geek father, can you tell me when you are going to post the other caps. i dont want to foget about it and never get around to never making them so i was just wondering. cool instructable by the way. the caps look awesome!
Ok they are up now. Enjoy. If you have any suggestions feel free.
TheGeekFather (author) 4 years ago
Thanks Darkness. I would have updated the Prop thread on the outpost too but it seemed to be down earlier.
looks great Geek!