Seen some on this site, don't know exactly the inspiration, but thought it was a cool thing. Mine is non-edible however.

Step 1: Parts

1. Empty glass bottle- ( I used an 8 oz Coca-Cola bottle)
2. Liquid soap- Blue color
3. Mini blue LED light - Got mine from Blinkies

Inspiration- Fallout<br>&quot;Nuka-Cola Quantum&quot;<br>Google it
Right, my &quot;inspiration&quot; is from others on here who have made the cola drink glow. But not sure of where, should we say, the original cola is from. Yes, I am to lazy to Google it. My guess is that its from a movie, point is that wherever it came from, it's pretty cool.
If you had been the victim of a sweetroll thief, you would know that war never changes...<br><br>If you figure out the inspiration for this, you get bonus action points.<br><br>The 'product' name should be &quot; Nuka Cola&quot;.
wait, so you don't know the inspiration...as in you don't know where it's from?

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