Picture of Nuke Cola
Seen some on this site, don't know exactly the inspiration, but thought it was a cool thing. Mine is non-edible however.

Step 1: Parts

1. Empty glass bottle- ( I used an 8 oz Coca-Cola bottle)
2. Liquid soap- Blue color
3. Mini blue LED light - Got mine from Blinkies

ivel_483 years ago
Inspiration- Fallout
"Nuka-Cola Quantum"
Google it
hec317 (author) 3 years ago
Right, my "inspiration" is from others on here who have made the cola drink glow. But not sure of where, should we say, the original cola is from. Yes, I am to lazy to Google it. My guess is that its from a movie, point is that wherever it came from, it's pretty cool.
vicvelcro3 years ago
If you had been the victim of a sweetroll thief, you would know that war never changes...

If you figure out the inspiration for this, you get bonus action points.

The 'product' name should be " Nuka Cola".
kenkaniff3 years ago
wait, so you don't know the inspiration...as in you don't know where it's from?