Recover that old, ratty mountain bike seat, including a *Trendy* slot in the seat.

Step 1: Padding

Start with a ratty old bike seat.
Cut out some closed cell foam to fit the contour of the seat. (I used a scrap from some shop-floor padding, camping pad would be better.) Don't worry about getting it perfect, you will trim it later.
Cut out a slot in the top of the foam. Your *Special* artery will thank you!
Use a dab of superglue to stick the front and rear of the padding to the old seat.
y not glue it down to the bottom instead of lacing it<br /> or use staples<br />
I have a huge urethra, AND itS THANKFUL for the channel in my seat. if y ou have ever sat on a bar stool for hours drinking then get up later to pee you know exactly what im talking about
Why get up to pee?
I thought the slot was to let the farts out... in a more concentrated stream, for the secret pleasure of farting into the faces of the riders behind you.. Just think, all the riders from the other team, sniffing molecules of your feces.
I've always worried about saddles with holes ... SPD testicles, anyone? (-P Seriously, I like it. Will try it next time I find an old saddle.
Or have hemmoroids caused by being hit with a Camero while riding a bike. -true story-
Because I've never had a seat with a slot. Maybe it really is more comfortable. And it was about 10 seconds of extra work. Finally, it allowed me to call this project "Numb Nuts" which is cool. :)
Why did you add the hole if you think they're just trendy? I like them, use them, but i mean if you don't believe in them why go through all the extra work?

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