Number Scrabble - The Game (aka: Math Scrabble)


Step 3: Scoring

  • Unlike Scrabble, when adding to an existing equation only the newly added tiles score points.
  • double-letter, triple-letter, double-word, triple-word squares work as usual
  • All equations earn a bonus depending on the actual numeric value of the equation.  This rewards equations of high value like '25x25=625' compared to ones of low value like '1+1+1+1=4'.
    • The calculation of the bonus is based on the equation value as follows:
      • Take the absolute value of the equation value (so that big negative equations are still rewarded!)
      • Take the square root of that number
      • Round up to the nearest integer
      • Yikes!  but it seems to work well.  you can use a calculator the first time.
    • The result is the bonus, which is added to the equation score before applying any double and triple word scores.
    • example:  '2+2=4'.  equation value = 4.  absolute value of that = 4.  square root of that = 2.  round up to get bonus points = 2.
    • example:  '3+3=6'.  equation value = 6, absolute value of that = 6, square root of that = 2.45, round up to get bonus points = 3.
    • example:  '3-20=-17.  equation value = -17, absolute value of that = 17, square root of that = 4.12, round up to get bonus points = 5.
  • When a player goes out, add to their score the sum of the unplayed number tiles.
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