Nunchucks are one of my favorite things, so I made some. I originally saw this on the tv show "Hillbilly Blood."

Step 1: Materials

Old broom stick

*Paracord isn't pictured

Step 2: Cutting and Drilling

Cut 2- 1ft cylinders

Drill a hole in each piece that is big enough for the paracord to fit in.

Step 3: Paracord

I think I used about 2ft of paracord. Put it through and knot, and then do it again on the other stick.
It's nunchucks, they are a weapon
<p>What is Numb Chucked? That is the special state of being that is achieved shortly after being kicked in the head by Chuck Norris. </p><p>I'll take Chucked for 500 Alex. </p><p>What is a nut Chucker, --- that answer is self explaniatory. </p>

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Bio: Just a guy that likes to work with his hands.
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