Tired of paying for crappy Jiffy Pots for your seedlings? I was! So, last Spring I decided to make my own starter pots for them.

Step 1: Materials

For each 12"x18" tray (3" deep), you will need:

* a 12"x18" cardboard box (or a piece of cardboard 18"x24", to make the tray)
* duct tape
* half of a garbage bag (at least 18"x24" in size)
* 24 coffee filters (I bought unbleached, but it really doesn't matter much)
* potting soil. You will go through a surprising amount of this. Hypothetically, you will use 0.4 cu. ft. of soil per tray, but they usually sell it by weight, not volume (which means they sell it as wet as possible, to rip you off!).

Some scraps from the box will also be used to make the two positioning guides, which can be reused from tray to tray.

<p>As one person noted. we all use trash bags, most of us have tape, and a cardboard box can be gleaned from anywhere. I am a college student, so I (and my friends) drink tons of coffee. I think I will save the filters and reuse them for this. Coffee grounds are good for plants anyway, so it can't hurt. Completely free seed starter :) Thank you for sharing!!!!</p>
Good idea. I'm going to follow your channel so I remember to do this in the coming spring.
Ha ha ha.
Carboard box = FREE<br>Tape = Everyone has some tape laying around = FREE<br>Coffee Filters = 1.29 for 200... you can't beat that. I love it! Thanks You!
U can buy soil around spring time a your local dollar tree store. Also, great instructable. I'm going to use it! :)

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