Nutball Glider


Introduction: Nutball Glider

The Nutball is a fun starter plane to fly, and to make.

Step 1: Parts

1. 2X 9 gram Servo (Photo)

2. 1X Receiver (Photo)

3. 1X Corresponding Transmitter (Photo)

4. 2X Push Rods

5. 1X Foam Board



Hobby Knife

Hot-Glue Gun

Step 2: Making the Wing

Using the hobby knife, cut an oval in the foam board, then cut the long sides off, to make them flat.

Note: To make 3D, Fold up wingtips a little bit, then hot-glue in place.

Step 3: Servos

Cut 2 rectangles in the wing, big enough for the servos, but small enough to fit snugly. The rectangle's short side should be close to a long side of your wing. Put the servos in the holes, and then hot-glue them in.

Step 4: Control Sufaces

Cut a tail like the one in the photo, but add a tab on the bottom. Cut a Rectangle, using the tab on the bottom of the tail as a stencil. Then put the tab for the tail in the hole for the tail, and then hot-glue it in. For the airelion, cut 2 lines in the back of the plane. Attach one push rod to the tail, and the other one to the airelion.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Attach the receiver to the top of the plane in any way you want, and power up with an li-poly battery. Power up your Transmitter, and you are ready to go!



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    WJR339007, Yes, This is the FT Nutball from Flite test.

    OrigamiAirControl, I think you will be disappointed with the performance of this. Why not make the proper powered version from the plans on RCGroups. It's not a difficult build (I've made a couple) and you've got a lot of the parts already. The whole enjoyment of Nutballs come from their extreme manoeuvrability under power.

    1 reply

    AndyGadget, I have ordered a motor already, and is coming in about 2 weeks. But when I saw the R/C Contest, I just entered it.

    Let's see it flying!