Introduction: Nutella & Banana Dessert Whip

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Banana and Nutella Whip…absolutely delicious.
While sifting through “Amazon recommends” suggestions I came upon this little beauty… the iSi Whip.
Although the recipes are few, the idea and the possibilities behind the alternate use to a simple whip cream maker is a thought-provoking mind morsel.
After trying out a couple I took my favorite, the Banana and Nutella Whip and changed it ever so slightly. Here are my amendments:


2 ripe bananas
6oz Nutella (slightly heated)
6oz whipping cream
1 N2O (Nitrous Oxide) charger

Blend thoroughly and pour into canister.

Screw on the Nitrogen charger capsule, shake and let sit sideways in fridge for 1 hour.

Serve with sliced bananas and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

More unique recipes at


smcintyre2 (author)2011-11-27

I want to try some, it looks good

smcintyre2 (author)2011-11-27

There are aerating settings on blenders... usually makes more air in my drinks than I like... They are so bubbly they reduce to a quarter the size after they "de-puff"

connoboarder (author)2011-08-02

hey if i just stirred really fast and a lot would that work?

Hi Conno,
No, it's not so much whip cream as it is more banana puree and nutella. It needs the N2O to aerate it.
You could give it a try though ;) let me know how your arm feels after a few hours.... great work out ;)

yes i tried it and knowing i wouldn't work it didn't....

Short One (author)2011-07-20

Definitely going to try this...

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