Nutella Candy: Ferrero Rocher

Picture of Nutella Candy: Ferrero Rocher
Make your own Ferrero Rocher candy with only four ingredients!  If you've never experienced the chocolate hazelnut blss that is Ferrero Rocher, then you don't know what you've been missing.  Fortunately, this homemade version is every bit as good (I even think better), than the store bought kind.  And if you're already a Nutella fan, then you know you're in for a delight.  This is a very easy recipe for homemade Ferreros and tastes like absolute heaven, so I do hope you give it a try! 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
  • 1 cup (155g) whole raw hazelnuts - separate out 36 good looking whole nuts for the centers
  • 1 cup (255g) Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread
  • 1/2 cup (75g) crushed hazelnut wafer cookies (I used Pepperidge Farm’s Pirouettes, but any wafer will do!)
  • 1 cup (175g) chocolate: dark or milk - your choice. Use something nicer than chocolate chips. I was really sad I tried this shortcut.

Makes about 3 dozen

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Step 2:

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In a food processor (or with a knife), chop the hazelnuts finely, but be careful not to process them into a paste.  Although, if you do, might as well keep going and make delicious hazelnut butter and be done with it.   Or don't.  Thirty seconds or so should do.

Repeat with wafers.

Combine half of the chopped nuts with the Nutella and mix well.  Refrigerate.

Combine the rest of the nuts with the chopped wafers.  

You're a third of the way there! 
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thehbird1 year ago


You are an evil, evil woman... that must be why i love your awesome i'bles. ;-)
ckburcham1 year ago
Looks good
momoluv1 year ago
Oh my gosh!!!! I've been waiting countless hours to see another instructable! What's taking so long?!?!!?
lambsb1 year ago
Just got a chocolate fountain as a gift last Christmas. I'm so trying this dipped in the fountain. We already keep nutella in the house anyway. Thanks!
i made this as well a while ago on my blog, but ur looks AMAZING! Great job!
crazylam151 year ago
I HATE U. u make me so hungry....
Bungoy6011 year ago
WOW Nutella! A had a jar of nutella in my home.
Yes!! Better than the originals! Congrats in this recipe! =)
bird1234571 year ago
Yum!! I love your instructables, they make me hungry!
spizzak1 year ago
Just made these last night- only had time to try the undipped ones but they were delicious!
These look so delicious! Although I think you forgot to do a hyperlink on this page.
scoochmaroo (author)  pedistrarian1 year ago
Oops! Fixed, thanks!
dadudette1 year ago
Thank you for posting this - I cannot wait to try it!!
You need to make a nutella guide!
veronica21 year ago
this looks super good. do they really taste like ferrero rocher? and is it possible to use something other than a cookie scooper to get that nice round shape?
agulesin1 year ago
Video on how to melt chocolate (baine marie):
city_of _1 year ago
forget all of that just chop up the chocolate chip and hazelnut dip the stick in the nutella and the chocolate chip and hazelnut as you eat.
tommagic11 year ago
Actually, what caught my eye, was they look like "buckeye"...maybe easily done with a small circle of light colored chocolate...does anyone have any ideas what you could use to make the eye ball?
icepick3141 year ago
you may want to use something other than Nutella...

Ferrero shutdown World Nutella Day and its fansite for using "Nutella"...

if Ferrero got wind of this recipe, it'll probably shut it down too...
Pignanelli1 year ago
I've always been a bit disappointed that the store-bought variety is absolutely loaded with trans-fats! Party foul! Surely at that price-point, they could use premium ingredients that would included NO partially-hydrogenated anything. (I've not noticed good things in that regard about Pepperidge Farm products, but the general idea is a good work-around for this admittedly tempting desert.)
OTP11 year ago
Thank you so much, great recipe.
canida1 year ago
YUM. Yes please!
And you could even use diy Nutella.
scoochmaroo (author)  canida1 year ago
Yes, have been needing to revisit my dairy-free nutella recipe.
momoluv1 year ago
I'm so happy to see you're back and instructing:) I can't wait to see others
scoochmaroo (author)  momoluv1 year ago
Thank you!
wold6301 year ago
Nice to see an instructable from you again!! And they look absolutely delicious!!
scoochmaroo (author)  wold6301 year ago
Thanks! Good to be back :D
Ms. Schooch, Sometimes I wish my tastebuds were dead. Since they are not, I gonna try one or more of your delightful ibles. What is not to like about bourbon, bacon and caramel, throw in some chocolate, for good measure. Make a twinckie! WoW!
scoochmaroo (author)  GyroGearLoose471 year ago
I wish I could tell you these were all terrible choices and you should skip them all and save yourself the trouble. But I cannot. They are all delicious. As are the Krispy Kreme Donuts. . . . Sorry!
I'm gluten free. Any suggestions for cookie replacement?
I'd gladly share it on Pinterest.
scoochmaroo (author)  SaintSalvage1 year ago
You can leave the cookies out altogether - just add more crushed hazelnuts!
I MUST try this. Thank you SO much!
Nice photos btw!
Oh, I missed you so much! Delicious!!!!!!
Wow...just awesome :). Thank you for sharing your awesomeness.
These look awesome!
You have brought Heaven in my kitchen
anniemagz1 year ago
Holy. Poop. I'm making these for my housewarming party this weekend.
Good to have you back!
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