Nuts and Bolts Chopper





Introduction: Nuts and Bolts Chopper

   I saw a chopper made out of nuts and bolts for sale and I thought "I could do that".  I have plenty of parts to choose from so I gave it a shot.  The only trouble I had was welding the different metals together. It was tough to get the heat right so I wouldn't  melt the soft metal and be sure to stick to the harder metal.  It took about an hour to build partly due to picking the parts I thought would work.
  My welding skills are terrible and I was able to attach all the pieces,  so it isn't very difficult. Give it a shot!



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    Love these kind of things, reminds me of an old bolt and bits man i made one night when was younger and bored, unfortunately it was lost in the move to America. But maybe i will have another go at making some bits one day, for now added to favs. These bikes are super cool you should make a load of the and sell them on ebay or at craft markets.

    No I have a cheap Harbor Freight mig welder.

    Nice bikes , this one i bought it from a country craftsman, in my Town , its very ruted but it looks cool that way


    That is awesome!! Thanks

    very cool, gotta try this some time!

    constructive addition:
    larger nut on the back and a smaller thinner nut on the front
    /end addition

    they look nice and would be a great gift for the motor head in the family or friends.

    That is so awsome ea422 =) =)=0=0=0=0=0=0=0

    OH this is so cute and so cool! Great great idea!