Nuts and Bolts Sorter and Funnel $0 5 Minutes,





Introduction: Nuts and Bolts Sorter and Funnel $0 5 Minutes,

Well this is a simple one from the "gee I wish I thought of that" dept. I keep my nuts, bolts, and washers in jars, coffee cans, or some other container with a lid. sometimes they are pretty full, and the small bits always sink to the bottom. I always make a mess and spill them all over the place when I want to get some out. So here is a simple tool made out of a 1/2 gallon plastic container that takes 5 minutes and solves that problem.

tools: razor blade

BOM: 1/2 -1 gallon plastic container, anti-freeze, windshield wash, vinegar bottle, whatever.


1) cut out a semicircular region of the container as shown in the picture, almost the full height of the container. This will allow you to spread of the stuff in the jar so you see what you want to use.

2) when done hold the handle,tilt the container so the opening in is in storage jar and give a few shakes to let all the bits slide into the jar. you may want to open up that funnel a bit, I prefer to leave it small with the cap so I can walk around with the funnel to hold the stuff.

That's it! no more washers rolling around on the garage floor.



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Questions & Answers


I like it. I am definitely going to make one but my copy is going to be made out of something that won't roll from side to side--an antifreeze jug, perhaps.

that would work fine. the one I have doesn't roll when the nuts and bolt are in it. they are too heavy and loose.

Nice, I did something like this with an old Frisbee, cut a bit off the rim so I could pour everything back in. On ad put a small hole in one end to hang it up with.

you destroyed a frisbee??????

I've done this. I cut up all kinds of empty plastic containers for stuff.