Nuttela Cookies





Introduction: Nuttela Cookies

Hi! Today I will share a easy mood recipe as usual :)
Nuttela cookies is delicious and simple to make we will just need a hand mixer , so let get started !

You can let your kids help you withe it !

No need for icing sugar !

Step 1: Collecting Ingredients

1 stick of butter in room temperature
2/3 cup of regular sugar

2 eggs
1 tea spoon of vanilla extract

2 cups of all purpose flour
1 tea spoon of baking soda but I don't have it so I will put baking powder. it won't matter :)

Chocolate chips as much as you wont

Nutella or hazelnuts chocolate as you like:)

Step 2: Let Get Started !

1-First mix the butter withe the sugar until it became nice and combine by hand mixer

2- add the eggs and the vanilla

3-mix it

Step 3: In Separate Bowl

1-Whisk the flour and the soda

2- mix the wet ingredient withe the dray ingredient

Step 4: Adding Chocolate Chips

1-Now put the chocolate chips in the bowl

2-put one scoop of the mixer in your hand make it as a circle then put a tea spoon of the nuttela inside it

3-finally close it to be in round shape

4-put it in the oven from 12 to 14 minute in 350F degree

I hope that you like it , please tell me what do you think about it :)



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Mmm! Sounds delish! :-)