Nutter Butter Flip-Flops





Introduction: Nutter Butter Flip-Flops

The most popular shoes for the summer are flip-flops, and you may enjoy wearing them, but did you ever think about eating them?  Probably not, but with this delicious snack, you can!  These snacks are so simple to make that my aunt made them in 10 minutes!

The idea to make these came when my aunt needed a dessert for a luau themed dinner, and she thought that these would be the quickest and easiest thing to make.  The whole tray of cookies went in about 20 minutes!

You will need....

- Nutter Butters
- Icing (any color of your choice)
- A tray to serve it on

Take a nutter butter and squeeze icing on so it looks like the toe of a flip-flop.  This should look somewhat like a "v".

I was inspired to make this because.....

It seemed appropriate for a luau themed dinner.
- Nobody in my family is allergic to peanut butter.
- I needed a quick dessert.

You should make this because...

It is cheap and quick.
- It doesn't have to be refrigerated.
- They are delicious!

I hope you enjoy making your flip-flop cookies!



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    Cute! I have a friend that loves everything flip flops! She would just love these :)

    Cool, you should show these to her!