Introduction: Nutty Energy Balls

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These are super tasty and yummy energy balls. This recipe makes roughly 10.

Step 1: The Ingredients

4 dates

60g almonds

4tbsp nut butter

1-2 tbsp desiccated coconut, plus more for sprinkling

Step 2: Method

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Place all the ingredients into a powerful blender (I used a Vitamix).

Step 3: Blend

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Blend the ingredients until they start to form a lump at the bottom. You might need to scrape down the sides several times.

Step 4: Make

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Scoop out walnut-sized portions of the mix and shape it into small balls. Then roll these in some of the extra dessicated coconut. This makes roughly 10 balls.


Swansong (author)2017-06-05

Those look yummy :)

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