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« If two wizards are confronted in a hand-to-hand fight, this Wand will designate the winner! »

This was the idea I had in mind when I designed this wand... an idea who was suggested to me by a friend and which became the origin of this project!


- A chopstick

- Hex Nuts

- A chain

- White glitter

- Silver sharpie

- Black hot glue

- 3D dimensional glue (or something to glue metal together)

- Mod podge

- White glue


- Glue Gun

- A dish

- Wire cutters

Step 1:

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First, you need to create the wand's handle. To do so, take the chopstick and add several hot glue layers. You may want to let the previous one dry before applying the next. The handle needs to be thinner at the top and a bit thicker on the bottom. Make sure there is enough room at the top to glue three hex nuts side to side.

I used transparent glue for the inner layers and black glue for the outer one, and to glue the nuts to the handle. But you can use black glue (or any other colour) all along.

Step 2:

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Then glue the nuts all around the handle with hot glue. As I said previously, I started at the top glueing three nuts side by side and I kept going from here.

Repeat this step until the handle is filled with nuts (see picture).

Be very careful: the nuts will get hot due to the hot glue. You may burn yourself. I suggest you use a pair of gloves. You may also have a glass of water at hand to put your fingers inside should they hurt because of the heat.

Step 3:

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Take the silver sharpie and paint the upper section of the wand. You can also use some silver paint (but you will need to wait until it's dry).

Step 4:

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Cover the stick with white glue or some mod podge. Then, sparkle some white glitter on it. Let it dry.

When I work with glitter I aways use a dish. The glitter is easy to remove from its surface, so you can easily reuse the leftover glitter. I also make a paper funnel to put it back in the jar.

Step 5:

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To prevent glitter from falling off the stick, cover it with some Mod Podge and let it dry.

Step 6:

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Finally, glue the chain around the glittered stick. Here I used some 3D dimensional glue. Put some glue drops in some spots of the chain (not on the whole chain) and let it dry.

This is a little trick I've "invented" to glue chains to several things. Since it's difficult to find a cheap metal glue, I decided to put some 3D glue on the chain so it would expand all around it and keep it glued onto the stick. This kind of glue is transparent, so it does not interfere with your design.

Step 7:

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And you're done! You have a Metal Wand that can be used by Terminator or Rob Halford :p

I'm very satisfied with it :) Hope you also like it.

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Hecate (author)2016-08-15

It's so industrial! it's perfect for a PotterMetalHead :P. Love it. Definitely gonna try.

Kozmicblues69 (author)Hecate2016-08-15

Thanks! Yes it is! I had the same feeling when I finished it :p

Long live PotterMetalHeads!

jessyratfink (author)2016-08-12

That's fantastic!! Perfect for workshop witches :D

Yes, that's true! Glad u like it! Thanks for the comment :)

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-08-12

Such a fun and unique wand design!

Glad you like it! I love hex nuts and I use them to do plenty of things and.... why not a magic wand! :p Thanks for the comment :)

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