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Introduction: Nxt 2.0 Ball Gun

Hello these are the instructions to a ball gun that I made.
It is a little tricky to make and the balls don't go very far but it is still pretty good.
P.S. You don't need all of a Nxt 2.0 set but you do need the ball launcher that comes with it apart from that all you need are cables, a touch sensor and of course parts.
Please Comment  but more importantly enjoy!

Step 1: Motor and Brick

In this part there is the motor and the brick, (you put the brick on in the end).

Step 2: Trigger

This is the trigger, it is pretty simple.

Step 3: The Launcher Thing

This is probably the most tricky part.

Step 4: Laucher Part

This is where the actual launcher part is put on.
Make sure that the stick goes into the back of the launcher because this is what pushes the balls out.

Step 5: Launcher Moving Thing

This is the simple part that makes the launcher shoot the balls.

Step 6: Supports

This step is basically to make the gun more steady. But don't skip it!

Step 7: Attaching the Nxt

This is were you simply attach the brick (Nxt) to the gun.

Step 8:

I'm sorry that I haven't done the the programming earlier but here it is.

The touch sensor port will might not be right as well as the motor port so check that if it doesn't work and if it still doesn't work then plz tell me.



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    great design!!! i made a modified version for a tank and it works grea. sight lock and higher tension means i can shoot further!!

    4 replies

    sounds good and I also agree that you should post it

    i dont know, i might! i already built it and i dont think i want to take it apart! XD

    just take apart whole pieces and say "follow the pictures" plus u will get a lot of views

    for noobs like me the program is impossible

    I actually made this and it looked exactly like this, but I guess yours is way more sturdy

    whats the program to make it work??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    2 replies


    i got that kit but i lost most of the balls any suggestions on how to get ball or make them. i have been searching for a long time, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                               :(

    1 reply

    have you tried on the Lego website?

    please give the program

    well made pity i dont have those size balls