(Medium difficulty level)

I love wearing and making kimonos. They are relatively easy to make and fun to paint on making a specific theme. Last 2 kimonos were a Pac-Man duel kimono (A-Kon convention 2010) and a Galaga kimono (Halloween 2010).

This year's Halloween was inspired by the most random internet meme, Nyan Cat. I especially am intertained by the raibow voming out of its butt and its antithesis, the Tacnayn, with smoke and skulls.

In this instructable, I will include supplies, measurements, "and how to" pictures with instruction through out the making of this kimono. I am not including the obi. At a later date I may post one specifically, but for now another time.

Step 1: Supplies & Fabric

  • something to measure with
    • measure tape
  • hard surface (draw lines and to make a 90º angle)
    • metal ruler
    • plastic right angle
  • chalk (to mark and draw lines. do not suggest pencil)
  • to cut fabric with
    • scissors
    • rotor blade cutter (makes thing OH SO EASY but not a must)
  • hard surface board (to cut and paint on)
    • I used a wooden board
    • cardboard works
  • sewing machine
    • regular foot
    • zigzag foot (if you want)
  • fabric (cotton is the best for the rainbow and smoke stripe sections)
  • thread (regular, nothing special)
    • black
    • white
    • red
    • blue
  • non-soluble fabric glue (make sure to read carefully if there is no mention of soluble or not)
  • Acrylic paint (cheapy kind)
  • 1/2" & 1/4" flat brushes (cheapy kind (Walmart, Home Depot, whatever)

FABRIC (the stripe sections can be cheap broadcloth. main front and back should be a little heavier than broadcloth)
  • main
    • royal blue => 2.5 yards (60 in.) or 3 yards (45 in.)
  • rainbow stripe section
    • red => 0.5 yard
    • orange => 0.5 yard
    • yellow => 0.5 yard
    • blue => 0.5 yard
    • purple=> 0.5 yard
  • main
    • burnt orange => 2 yards
  • smoking stripe section
    • dark navy blue or dark charcoal grey =>0.5 yard
    • medium grey => 0.75 - 1 yard
    • light grey => 0.75 - 1 yard
    • white => 0.5 yard
Waffle and Poptart body
  • yellow orange => 0.5 yard
  • pink => 0.5 yard
<p>what were the measurements for the obi? </p>
Trying t'make kimono/yukata for years but cant find a pattern thats understandable. Can you do one for a basic one please?
<p>I apologize, I have been on overtime for a month now. I will try to post a simple one for you this weekend. Could you give me your hip size,height, shoulder to wrist and neck width. I will try to show you how to work with your measurements. Know that the kimono is all straight lines. It's very simple. The entire &quot;look&quot; has to do with how you put it on. I do traditional just so you know with a not so traditional obi.</p>
I was nyan cat for Halloween
This is very cool ! Could you make me a Rainbow dash kimono ?
Yes, I could. Are you wanting an instructable for it or are you wanting one commissioned for you?
How much would a commissioned one cost ?
thank you thank you. XD
kimono and rainbows colors...it can't get any cuter. :oD <br>Thank you for sharing this!
Thanks. It is a little bright than my usual fare (black). So much fun.
This looks incredible! You win the internet!
HAH! You made my day dude.
That looks great and it is sewn so well!
Thank you! That means a lot to have you say that after seeing the quality work you do. ^______^

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