Nylon Zip Tie Holder





Introduction: Nylon Zip Tie Holder

Do you have a bunch of those nylon zip ties, or tie straps still in the plastic bag they came in?  I did and wanted a way to store them for easy access and not have a bunch of opened plastic bags lying around, so here is what I did with a couple of pieces of scrap lumber and some aluminium beer bottles.

Materials List:

2 - 1X4" pieces of wood - 12"
2 - 1x4" pieces of wood - 4"
3 - aluminium beer bottles
Couple of wood screws and glue.


Cut your wood to length (adjust dimension to suit your needs).  For the top piece measure and cut three 2-1/4" holes using a jig saw. (Again you can adjust this to suit your needs. Glue and screw the wood together as shown in the picture.  I used aluminium beer bottles and cut the top off using a hacksaw to the desired height I needed.  Once again you can use any type of container and adjust the height and diameter to suit your needs.  Smooth off the top using sand paper.  As the bottom piece of 1x4 has no holes, it will hold the containers without falling through.  Put your container in the holes, put in your zip ties or what ever you want to store and you are finished.  A little bit of paint to finish it off if you chose and you have a great way to store those pesky little zip straps.  Hope this works for you.  Check out my other submissions.  Thanks for looking.



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GENIUS! Thank you I was looking for some way to organize them

I used pvc pipe myself...minus the wood...Various lengths for different size ties...then just duct-taped 'em all together. The whole thing is a bit smaller around than a dinner plate. add a small piece of paracord for a handle & you can either leave it standing on your desk or lug it around to where you need it.

Think I got the instructable on here, actually...but can't find it.

A nice and simple idea to make use of left-over materials. I'm going to have to modify your idea a bit, since my ties go from 3 inch to 12 inch in length. (Don't want to have to stick my hands down into the can).
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, I hope it works for you. Thanks for looking and commenting.

Simple and great reuse!

Thank you and thanks for looking and commenting. I guess it could have many uses from the handyman to the crafter.

cool idea !

Thank you, and thanks for looking and commenting.