Hello, Every one I'm Bharat. Today here I've done a futuristic, innovative model bike which major machinery of the bike lies inside of one large wheel , Of course a small wheel at back which support the bike at rest and for other purpose also.

                                       This O-Byke actually runs on two wheel frames which are parallel to each other ( the black one's are wheels and middle center white one is engine. When a person sits on this bike, it calculates the height adjustment needed by the rider's  body and automatically adjusts the foot rest position and seat adjustment towards handle .So, that any a person can ride this bike irrespective of rider's height , height ranging from 4'5 feet - 7'0 feet.

                                        Due to single large wheel with wide base ,it gains more stability and balance and even the bike can stand on its own balance with out any stand or support (even when rider is on o-byke )and this balance is mainly due to two wheel frames which are parallel to each other and as the weight of engine is more when compared to rider so that bike has more stable. Now coming to the rear small wheel, its main functionality is to support bike when short height person needed get on to the bike this bike , it automatically tilt the bike about 40-45 degrees , so that rider can get on bike irrespective to height.

                                     It took nearly  8 hours to design this bike and to get an appropriate shape.Here is the tutorial of this O-Byke , while designing this I've changed shape of many object from time to time, to get an appropriate shape. So ,I request viewers please don't get confused about the design while watching the tutorial and also please maintain patience.
yaly1 year ago
You can make an electrically deploy-able kickstand that automatically deploys when it stops, remove the small wheel, and add an accelerometer to stabilize the system with the front wheel only like a one wheel skateboard.
chandum009 (author)  yaly1 year ago
Thank your, for you Idea. At first ,I've the same idea but "Just imagine 0-byke on a uneven road and byke is off-condition( no fuel). So,I think its very difficult to move O-Byke with just one wheel.But with a rear wheel this thing might be easy to move in on any condition. More over this rear wheel automatically lifts up when it gets on move,so the o-byke is like a one wheel skateboard when it is started.
porple1 year ago
Cool design. I like how it turned out in 123D Design. There was a guy on the show Dragon's Den that did something like that too. You might find this cool as well, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uno_(dicycle)
chandum009 (author)  porple1 year ago
Thank you, for your interest towards my design.
Apolo81 year ago
WOW! Great design! +10
chandum009 (author)  Apolo81 year ago
Thank you, very much.