Learning from the lessons of the 1%, I set forth to outsource our occupy-related labor to a robotic workforce. Robots obviously have many advantages over their human counterparts. For instance, robots never get tired, they don't get cold, they don't sleep, nor eat, don't require tents, and when armed insurrection becomes necessary, robots are much more morally ambivalent. Additionally, we had a discussion with an unnamed member of the San Francisco police force and they confided in us that the police currently do not have any plan for dealing with robotic occupiers.

For all of those reasons and more, I present to you OCCU(PI) Bot; the first in a promising line of tireless, unstoppable, robotic class warriors.

Step 1: Go get stuff

You will need:
- A robot (My robot's name is Emiglio. He is Italian.)
- A megaphone (or battery-powered amplifier)
- An 1/8" male-to-male stereo cable
- Optional Arduino and Wave Shield (or a tape recorder and computer)
- M-type plug (also optional - see step 5)
- 9V battery clip (also optional - see step 5)
- 9V battery (also optional - see step 5)
- Soap dish (also optional - see step 5)
- 4' x 3/4 PVC pipe
- Something for a sign board (I used acrylic, but cardboard would do)
- Something to write a slogan (I used acrylic paint, but a Sharpie would work)
- Some tape, nuts and bolts, and zip ties
- And whatnot
<p>awesome stuff mate .. keep it coming</p>
<p>very nice robot</p>
<p>You have to be expert to make that :-)</p>
<p>very nice indeed</p>
Great to see man and robot unite! OCCU(PI) Bot seems fully equipped to handle any situation.
The Robot is so CUUTE!)
<p>cute bot</p>
Looks Really Cool<br>Please Tell me where you get the Robot From???<br>I would Love to Make one
What you should do now is add gps and put motors on it, so it can walk (roll?) around while it talks through its megaphone.
I am the 99%. They(Occupy) need some sort of goal to make anything happen though.
Funniest thing I&quot;ve seen in a full month!
OCCUPY AUTODESK. Randy sets new standards with coarse language videos....<br><br>&lt; goes to re-edit downfall vids &gt;
You're the only one who is going to watch that far... shhhh.... I mean... what are you talking about?
Uhm, i watched that far.
A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
Asimov's law's correct?
Yes thank you :D I freaking love those books. The zeroth law. :)
But does it poo on police cars?
and it's impervious to pepper spray!
decided to leave it alone no need to comment here.
Who knew robots were stupid enough to sit on the sidewalk for no reason.
Please share the song name and artist. I have to get my hands on that track.
Music was used with permission from here:<br />http://hennessyyoungman.bandcamp.com/
Watch for it in London Public Workers Marches - coming soon!
Since robots are incapable of forming cogent and logical thoughts of their own, I find this to be a perfect addition to the occupy movement! :) Cool project though!
<br> This Technology could escalate, Until a T-800 is created, Pepper spray that !
If I were designing for this situation I'd go much larger and heavier, the whole purpose is that it can't be moved. I'd use BEAM and simple switch/sensor sytems to make it avoid roads and either make it so slow it couldn't hurt someone hitting them or make it so that it turned as soon as it bumped into a person - at least however have bumpers to keep it from pushing thru a wall or something. For weight you could use scrap ofc, if you have access to a welder (or a microwave and no concern for safety, or a place out away from the city) you could do it in metal, if not you could cast the shell in reinforced concrete (could probably get scrap rebar from metal yards in ny, and substitutes from the dumpsters and empty lots). I'd probably also give it some kind of purpose - either it could have speakers and a mic on it and follow the highest decibals (turn towards the speaker registering the highest decibals if it is x amt different from the one pointing forward) so it would be sorta like a mobile podium. I'd go with a turtle style look just for classiness :D <br><br>Also don't casually joke about enslaving robots - we very much had to subdue computers when we fist started making tiny circuits, every bit of our programming and computer logic relies on more or less predicting the behavior of a mass of circuits based on averaging laws; in other words, its nothing like what we call science, its politics, and individual circuits are entirely capable of doing unexpected things. We know how to fix it, we've got THEORIES saying how it happens, but they're the kind of theory that just stands up because noone wants to think about the alternatives. <br><br>On top of that don't make the mistake of thinking we're any better than our ancestors. It isn't like you didn't already know how fcked up these people were when they were offering you a loan on a house that was WAY out of your means (tho ofc building them out of cardboard and elmers glue does help lower the cost). Just like we all know that most of the stuff we get from china and taiwan and all of that is in effect produced by slave labor - slave labor is the only way they can make us buy all the knicknacks, because it would cost less than a car, somewhere around the cost of an expensive appliance, to buy a cnc machine that could make all that crap, all your spoons and forks and hardware and tools and couches and tables and everything but freaking micro electric machines, fishing rods, and super efficient engines, all while you were SLEEPING and out of scrap metal you'd collected yourself and melted in your back yard, or bought in blocks from a local scrap yard. If anything we're worse than our ancestors because we KNOW all this crap is evil, very few of us grew up with everyone saying it was okay to have slaves around us, and yet we still do it and we just look uncomfortable and shrug about it. <br><br>OFC if you did any of that with the CNC machine you'd get taken in by the law for breaking some safety reg or another, and if you sold anything you'd get sued into the dirt and have to sell any patents to pay your legal fees, but then its kinda stupid to complain when you say you represent the ninety nine percent who are exactly the people who vocally support suing anyone you can get away with suing into the ground. <br><br>Wanting to 'get yours' is just as evil as wanting to take someone else's, because you're assuming there is a limited amt. Sure, there is, but most of it is intelligence not STUFF, and we throw ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine percent of that away. We tell ourselves there are some magical geniuses who are somehow hundreds of millions of years ahead of everyone else on evolution when it comes to intelligence and can just do things we couldn't MANAGE when in reality you could do anything you enjoyed fantastically you'd probably just run into some legality or another designed to keep you from doing it, to entice you to sell your rights to some company or another for some illusory safety. <br><br>If you aren't willing to risk getting on the wrong side of the government, of LAW, don't ever expect to get anything good in life; those who aren't willing to take risks are nothing but food for the sharks, and we will NEVER have a safe society, and CERTAINLY not a safe and fair society, because the job of 'Protector' is practically a ready-made lair for truly evil people - not people who do evil deeds, but people who've decided they just love evil, they love hurting, they love seeing others die and cry and pound their fists against the wall in frustration until they've shattered bones, evil like a comic book villain in a world without superpowers, or like a serial killer with a bit of self control. Actually, strike that comic book villain one, because thats exactly who rules the system, and if you think we don't have superpowers then you ain't ever heard of magic, or you are using the modern definition (not science) rather than the ancient one (hidden knowledge=the ability to change a thing's state through invisible means=political science, secret science, pretty much any science that's not general knowledge)(so yeah, the sorcerors rule the world lol, and they got the alchemists to do the dirty work for them). <br><br>But yeah, cool idea and implementation. Dunno if I would have given him an evil grin, I've been on the inside of that grin before and I don't think its anything you want supporting your cause if you're a good person, just trust me if you haven't seen it.
My robot is Heinrich. He is German. He can kick Emiglio's gay ass
Can you please post a youtube video!? I want to blog this on wordpress!
If you click the embed option in the top right of the video, it will give you embed code that should work on a Wordpress blog.<br /> <br /> I was able to use that code on my blog.<br /> <br /> Let me know if that doesn't work.
Done and done!<a href="http://revoltlab.com/2011/11/18/robot-occupy-protestor-no-justice-no-peace/" rel="nofollow"> http://revoltlab.com/2011/11/18/robot-occupy-protestor-no-justice-no-peace/</a>
Awesome! Very funny, too!
Get a job, you beatnik robot!
Hehe, a roomba with an agenda.
Emiglio is a true hero.
Whoever is controlling that robot is very attractive
You can say that again big boy.

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