I got a family heirloom some months ago: an old box full of chess en checkers pieces. Super fun. Only, it didn’t include a board. Bummer! Since you can’t really find boards without pieces lying around on the street and pieces without a board are pretty sad, I decided to make my own damn board from leftover pieces of fabric. Only I never found enough leftover fabric, or it weren’t the right colours, or I got bored, or… It just didn’t happen. Meanwhile those gorgeous pieces are gathering dust and we want to play!

And then someone stole my bike last week. Luckily, we found it a little further down the road, but the hooligans did trash my bike bags. Not such a disaster, they were already starting to disintegrate, but still… Boo! I thought it was a shame to throw away so much waxed cotton. And then I remembered my little chess project. What a silver lining! So I did my thing and tadaaaa: a nice, rollable,  washable, beach and mountainproof chess board! Since I want you to be able to make such a gorgeous piece of loveliness, I made a tutorial.

Step 1:

You will need:

1 busted up bike bag (or something else that gets you enoug fabric to make a board)
1 destitcher (or how do you call it) or little scissors
A piece of cardboard
A pen
Sewing thread
Sewing machine

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